Daily Archives: October 10, 2006

But, I like Mike Irvin the ESPN analyst. He and Steve Young are probably the two former players on ESPN, along with Jaworski, that I mind the least. This morning I tuned into ESPN and saw the guys go through the motions with their Top 5 teams in the AFC. When Mike Irvin gave his, he put the Ravens at #5 and didn’t put the Broncos anywhere. Irvin then went on about how if you get a lead on the Broncos, they’re done. That he did not think Jake Plummer was a Super Bowl quarterback.

For this assessment of the teams, Irvin got mocked by Steve Young and Tom Jackson, obviously, but also by STUART SCOTT. Deadspin also has link to video where Steve Young tells Irvin he could keep talking for five minutes but he still wouldn’t make any sense. ESPN decided to cut this part out, I have no idea why. First he gets called retarded and now this.

The best thing about it? They’re ripping Irvin because the Broncos beat the Ravens, yet Irvin ranks them ahead of the Broncos…meanwhile…Steve Young has the Chargers ranked ahead of the Ravens. The Ravens, yeah, beat the Chargers a week ago.

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