I know the man liked his crack rock…

But, I like Mike Irvin the ESPN analyst. He and Steve Young are probably the two former players on ESPN, along with Jaworski, that I mind the least. This morning I tuned into ESPN and saw the guys go through the motions with their Top 5 teams in the AFC. When Mike Irvin gave his, he put the Ravens at #5 and didn’t put the Broncos anywhere. Irvin then went on about how if you get a lead on the Broncos, they’re done. That he did not think Jake Plummer was a Super Bowl quarterback.

For this assessment of the teams, Irvin got mocked by Steve Young and Tom Jackson, obviously, but also by STUART SCOTT. Deadspin also has link to video where Steve Young tells Irvin he could keep talking for five minutes but he still wouldn’t make any sense. ESPN decided to cut this part out, I have no idea why. First he gets called retarded and now this.

The best thing about it? They’re ripping Irvin because the Broncos beat the Ravens, yet Irvin ranks them ahead of the Broncos…meanwhile…Steve Young has the Chargers ranked ahead of the Ravens. The Ravens, yeah, beat the Chargers a week ago.

Now, don’t mistake me here…it’s not completely flawed of Young to have the Chargers over the Ravens. Personally, I think the Ravens are headed for a lot of trouble in the upcoming weeks. But, if I wanted to rank the Chargers ahead of the Ravens, I wouldn’t rip someone else for doing the same thing…especially when that person is giving you reasoning behind their rankings. Irvin was doing that.

Let me sum it up…Jake Plummer…is ummm…Jake Plummer. Irvin, like many others, does not think that Plummer is a Super Bowl quarterback. Combined with that, Irvin thinks that the Ravens defense is really, really, good.

You can argue what Irvin is saying, certainly. But, Steve Young, Stu Scott and Tom Jackson took the  “we are in Denver and this is Mike Irvin route” and rather than attempt to counter his points, just mock him. They laughed a bit, for starters. When Irvin went through his top five, before every selection they said “the Broncos have to be there” in a mocking manner. At one point during the Deadspin exclusive video, Young even remarked that Irvin was “doing this on purpose!”

Please. This dismissive nature of Irvin’s points is becoming a trend. The man has already been called a retard. Now, they tell him that he isn’t making any sense and just generally don’t give a damn about what he has to say. It’s really fun hearing folks call Irvin a retard, but the extended abuse and whipping boy role without attempting to refute his points is not warranted.
Does the man say some things wrong about football? Uh, yes. Everyone who talks about football says some things wrong about football. Everyone who talks about sports say things that are wrong about sports. Irvin gets called a retard before Sean Salisbury does, though?

Calling someone a retard is dismissive. Dismissing their comments by just saying that person is not making any sense and end it there? Well, that’s worse. Especially when you are paid not to dismiss his comments, but to counter them or add to them. I know the man has smoked a lot of  crack, loved the hell out of it, but shouldn’t that make it easier to just counter his points? Instead of dismissing him, make your argument and move on. Toss in the occasional retard comment, but back it up with talking about why Irvin is a retard on this point. Don’t just leave it hanging out there.

And really,  is any man that far out there to warrant dismissive comments when his main argument is that the Broncos won’t go to the Super Bowl with JAKE PLUMMER?

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  2. Damnit Spencer, I had Lance in the “who is going to make the retard joke first” pool. I expected better, I really did.

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