Daily Archives: October 11, 2006

No I didn’t spell that incorrectly, I am talking about the one and only Neifi Perez. For those that couldn’t catch the Tigers’ Game 1 win over the Athletics, perhaps the biggest story was how Sean Casey went all Nomar on himself and strained his calf/Achilles coming out of the batters box. I haven’t heard the definitive word on the seriousness of the injury, Casey was to undergo an MRI at some point today, but at the very least he is ruled out of the lineup for Game 2. Jim Leyland announced that Carlos Guillen would move over to 1st base and Neifi Perez would move into the starting lineup at shortstop. Yeah, THAT Neifi Perez. Read More

Those who know, know Joboo only live blogs the major sporting events. When I flipped on my television briefly after 4pm this Afternoon, I immediately went to some knucklehead on Disney talking about football. Going to ESPN2 I noticed that some pre-season basketball was on. When I noticed that my beloved Sixers were facing CSKA MOSCOW, I knew it was fairly mandatory to live blog the happenings.

4:06: Iverson makes a steal and goes in for a layup, the Sixers are actually putting their foots on some throats it seems, as they’re up about 14 in the second quarter, but the bottomline is that the live blog is called for because they could blow this lead at any moment. Plus, these Russians could just start showing off their punching power at any moment.
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