Live Blogging the IMPORTANT Sporting Event of the day…

Those who know, know Joboo only live blogs the major sporting events. When I flipped on my television briefly after 4pm this Afternoon, I immediately went to some knucklehead on Disney talking about football. Going to ESPN2 I noticed that some pre-season basketball was on. When I noticed that my beloved Sixers were facing CSKA MOSCOW, I knew it was fairly mandatory to live blog the happenings.

4:06: Iverson makes a steal and goes in for a layup, the Sixers are actually putting their foots on some throats it seems, as they’re up about 14 in the second quarter, but the bottomline is that the live blog is called for because they could blow this lead at any moment. Plus, these Russians could just start showing off their punching power at any moment.

4:08: Had this exchange with my roommate…”why are they doing it?” he asks. I really don’t know… “Uh, I don’t know, humanity?”

4:10: The Sixers are all over these Russian fools. Holding a 17 point lead at the break. But, again, they might not give a damn whenever this second half gets going. They did manage to lose to FC Barcelona.
4:13: For being pretty damn African, Luol Deng is showing absolutely no emotion in this commercial to help feed Darfurians.

4:15: The NBA and ESPN aren’t fostering much love for Europe as they show the Sixers celebrating in a European sports bar Sunday while watching the Eagles game. What were they celebrating? No, not supporting their comrades in arms, they were cheering a television shot of the skyline and apparently saying “look! there’s home!” aka we don’t want to be here anymore, a weekend would have been fine…like I said, anything is possible in the second half.

4:19: Digital Cable is reminding me that The Program is on right now and I’m very confused. ESPN showing the Phoenix Suns running around Venice and then kicking it in Gondolas might make it an easy choice.

4:20: Moved on to Tony Parker returning home to France. I don’t want to see Parker talking about France and at photo shoots there or doing this basketball thing. I’m just wanting to see Parker go back to the old neighborhood, slap some kid for asking to get his autograph and then mention how he’s better than every other Frenchman walking.

4:27: Bill Walton is telling me that the Russians can’t cover Samuel Dalembert. He also made a point that he is dissapointed by the Russians energy output on the court because Russia outputs a ton of energy.

4:28: TRAJAN LANGDON IS ON CSKA MOSCOW. Joseph McCarthy warned us about those Alaskan bastards.

4:31: Iverson uncorks the German crowds with an over the shoulder alley-oop pass to Andre Iguodala. Prompts Bill Walton to remark about the NBA slam dunk contest rules and how he feels Iguodala got cheated last season. He tops it off by saying that if the Sixers play like this they will challenge the Nets for Atlantic Conference Supremacy. Too bad David Vanterpool, the early 90s St. Bonaventure somewhat-stand-out, isn’t in the Atlantic.

4:34: Webber still breaking “jumpers” from foul line extended. Mid-season form.

4:37: Apparently Moscow defeated the Clippers the other night, with Langdon dropping 17. That information was updated on wikipedia…I assume Trajan has internet access and worked over time to get that out there.

4:41: The Commies have gone an 8-1 run in the last five minutes. So, Iverson does what he does and draws a cheap foul on a Russian to get to the line. Excellent presence to know the Sixers were in the bonus.

4:43: Trajan Langdon busts a three ball to get the lead down to single digits at 9. Mo Cheeks needs a timeout…he might want to just get all the backups in there to ease into the blown lead. The Sixers excelled at blowing these leads last season.

4:45: Apparently Cory Lidle flew a plane into an apartment building in NYC according to the FOX News on screen ticker…the next line: “no indication of terrorism”, yeah, really?

4:52: Iverson whips a sideways pass in to Sam Dalembert who struggles to catch the ball and then does his patented awkward layup from a bit too far away, where he guns a layup at the rim…usually goes in. More so than his traditional layups, so this is good to see, I guess.

4:53: Cory Lidle just died and ESPN can’t break into ROME IS BURNING to discuss this? The Russians are getting a lot of good looks, just not finishing, it seems. Pretty sure even the Raptors are going to bury these shots on the Sixers, so maybe this 16 point lead is not too comfortable.

4:57: Rodney Carney finally into the game for the Sixers. Korver is 3-3 on three pointers. Hopefully they’ve realized to play him sporadically, just let him take 3 of those a night and move on. If he hits one, good, but move on.

5:03: Shavlik Randolph working hard underneath, Iverson just ignores him to hit a mid baseline jumper. Hopefully that happens until Billy King gets the message and cuts Shavlik.

5:07: As the Sixers manage not to implode, Bill Walton’s commentating continues to wander. Not saying that to shock the senses or anything. He’s talking about Russia’s lack of NBA players despite the countries expansive land mass. They’re now showing Billriding a bike in Shanghai from 2004.

5:10: Bill talking about Trajan Langdan’s place of birth being Palo Alto, apparently he was born in Palo Alto and at three months moved to Anchorage. Walton apparently does not grasp the difference between place of birth and hometown as he’s spending several minutes on it.

Either way, I’m going to cut this off as nothing interesting is happening. The commies once again appear to be all bark and no bite. Plus, this whole Lidle thing is a bit of a distraction.

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