Maybe I’m really insensitive to this stuff, but…

Someone explain to me where the following is racially insensitive…

Lou Pinella mentions how Marco Scutaro getting RBIs in the ALCS after getting six in the ALDS would be like stealing a wallet on Friday and coming back to steal it on Saturday and Sunday. Then Sweet Lou says “en fuego” and Thom Brennamen called him bilingual.  Steve Lyons then went, “habla’ng Espanol” and talked about how he couldn’t understand Lou and just knew he no longer wanted to sit next to the man because Sweet Lou might be after the wallets in the booth.

First off, only a moron looking for racism draws  the connection that Lyons was saying that hispanics like to steal wallets. That’s all I can really find in this…

Now, adding the ‘ng to habla is clearly a lame attempt at humor. It’s crutch comedy (oh snap, I was just insensitive to handicapped dudes, except the one who started beating Hurricanes with his crutch on Saturday. That dude is my hero), whereby Lyons takes a non-English word and tries to English it up adding the -ing. I heard it at the time, didn’t chuckle, but certainly did not consider it racially insensitive. Why did Lyons do it? My guess is because Pinella said “en fuego” like some random non-spanish-speaking-American would say the phrase…you know, without even a hint of an actual accent in there.

It just seemed like a joke between the guys in the booth, and as a bustin’ Lou’s chops type of thing, it didn’t seem all that bad and they’re in there with each other for 3+ hours, so I give them some leeway type of thing. Hell, I don’t know, when Lyons said he couldn’t find his wallet, it wasn’t a bad self-depracating joke, because I know I wasn’t the only one that could picture Lyons looking around the booth for 25 minutes to find his wallet, only to realize it was in his back pocket.

If you found Lyons’ comments to be racist, I’m going to say it, look in the mirror, because clearly you’re living life trying to find racism when it isn’t there.

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  1. Bertrand said:

    This is off topic but I had to mention this. Mike Tyson fighting a woman?
    -When asked if he was joking about fighting women, Tyson said, “I’m very serious.”
    -Lock of the century, Tyson knocks out Lance with one punch.

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