Fire Coker, that program is out of control.

Let’s not half ass it. This is The U we’re talking about here, not some run of the mill school that barely churns out NFL talent. We gotta fire Coker and get some order there.
Bottomline is Coker is trying, but The U just needs to get back to their roots. Have they showed up to Bowl Games in camoflauge recently? I think not. They did release that 7th Floor Crew album. But, then the folks at The U said they frowned upon that? This is not Duke. This is The U. Changes are needed.

We start with Luther Campbell back on the sidelines. You remember Luther Campbell from being a hype man for 2 Live Crew and their hits. Well, Uncle Luke was quite the presence on the ‘Canes sidelines in the early ’90s as well as in the pockets of the Hurricane players. You start with him back there and then you go from there…

I was watching this documentary on HBO about the Cubs and they had this college of coaches for a couple years…so I’m thinking that the ‘Canes could do this…obviously Luther Campbell in there for the old school. Then you bring in Michael Irvin. This covers folks with their obvious connections to the U. Gino Torretto has to be available. Lamar Thomas is looking for a job. From there, you bring in great motivational minds because clearly they’ve got the football covered with tons of athletes every year. Who is the latest rap sensation? Bring him in. Bring several in.

They could bring in a drug trafficker, not some street dealer or mid-level player, but someone with a direct line to Columbia. Give them something to inspire them. Let them know there is life after football. Police pick up a carjacker plaguing the city by taking Escalades and Explorers with tricked out rims, why not give them community service on the ‘Canes college of coaches.

The U needs a lineup of coaches that will allow them to taunt the way we want them to. They once taunted a live tiger that LSU brought to a game. That tiger now knows not to talk that noise. Others need to be put on that ‘Cane information.

Dennis Erickson, drunk, on the sidelines, not giving a damn if a player rips his helmet off at the two yard line as his player goes in for a score. Do I need to say more?

This is The U, baby, you gotta do it proper.

  1. Benny B. said:

    Hells yeah. What you know ’bout dem Miami boyz?! As a side note, I almost went to Miami for law school. Too bad I didn’t, I could implement these ideas myself.

  2. Yeah, a pelican on your shoulder could look a little lame.

    Had to make it.

  3. Benny B. said:


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