the Champ returns as the Tigers continue to kick ass

At long last, the Champ is back! And what a difference a couple of weeks makes. The Champ returns looking a bit more credible. First, Joey became the starter for the Dolphins, making for my first correct prediction! Then the Tigers continued their ass-kicking march through the MLB playoffs, making my MLB playoff Bold predictions look party damn good. Sure the Kurt Warner and Samkon Gado picks went up in smoke, but at least I am starting to establish something here. Hopefully the new foundation will provide a solid base for wisdom that makes up this week’s bold predictions. And now, the moment we all have been waiting for:

1) Andrew Miller becomes the first pitcher ever to pitch in the College World Series and the MLB World Series in the same year.

Some might say this isn’t too bold, but I think it is. It has never been done before, and Andrew Miller has been left off of the playoff roster for the previous two rounds for the Tigers. There has been some speculation, albeit minimal, that Leyland will add Miller to the World Series roster. I say, not only does he get added, but that he plays. If he does get added and plays, you will see some pretty cool history being made.


2) The Detroit Lions will beat the New York Jets this weekend.

The Lions finally chalked up that ever-so-important first career win for Head Coach Rod Marinelli against Buffalo last weekend. They shouldn’t have too much of a problem following that up with win #2 this weekend at the Meadowlands. The Lions have traditionally fared pretty well in the Meadowlands, and Roy Williams is healthy and ready to go. If anything, the team will use Shaun Roger’s suspension as a motivation to perform harder as opposed to an excuse as to why they can’t win the game. And, more importantly, the Champ’s fantasy football team faces Joboo creator Doug Graham’s fantasy football this week, and Mr. Graham has guaranteed victory. I need some good numbers out of Kitna to prove that guarantee incorrect. And, I will get them as the Lions get it done on Sunday.


3) Placido Polanco gets a hit in every single game of the World Series


What, the Tigers are in the World Series? I mean who would have seen something like that coming? Oh yeah, the Champ. But, its not as exciting when the predictions simply become true and then that’s it. So, I have to take this one a step further. I say Polanco gets at least one hit in every game of the World Series. Everyone seems to be saying he can’t keep his current pace up and that he will settle back into reality. I think his reality is that he is a .300+ hitter who truly is this team’s MVP. How brilliant that Urbina for Polanco trade looks now.


4) Chris Paul is the most over-rated player in the NBA

Okay, I realize this one needs some explaining, and some sort of way to be able to look at it quantitatively. Thus enters ESPN’s “Hollinger ratings” released earlier this week. These joke of a rankings can be viewed at:


As you will see if you chose to waste your time by clicking on those worthless rankings, ESPN has Chris Paul ranked as the #7 player in the NBA. So my bold prediction is that you can add a 1 in front of that 7, as I say there are at least 10 players ranked below him that should be ranked above him. Actually, I think there are more than 10 players, but I will make my predictions shorter and sweeter by listing the first 10 that come to my mind (that is 10 that are ranked below him, the ones ranked above him already don’t count). Here we go: Gilbert Arenas, Chris Bosh, Allen Iverson, Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Shaq O’Neal, Carmello Anthony, and Paul Pierce. See, and I even did that without ranking any Pistons! So, how will we determine whether or not Paul ends the season as one of the top 17 players in the NBA? I am open for suggestions from Joboo readers, but I think Yahoo fantasy scoring would be a fair measure.

Editor’s Note: Hockey upcoming. 


5) The Detroit Red Wings Win the Central Division this year

Everyone around the NHL circles seem to be saying that the Wings are washed up and done. Some have said that they will be lucky if they can sneak into the playoffs with a 6-8 seed. I say they win the division once again. I think this team is loaded with young talent between the likes of Henrik Zetterberg, Jason Williams, Pavel Datsyuk, and Niklas Kronwall. Lidstrom will provide veteran leadership, and the spirit of Stevey Y will live on in Detroit. The Wings win the division.


That’s all for now, but I guess I have to follow tradition and leave everyone with a special bonus pick. How about Game 7 tonight of the NLCS. My bonus pick is that the Mets win it big and make my Joboo World Series prediction correct (Tigers over Mets).



  1. detroit doesn’t have the talent to win the central. I mean look how bad they got beat against the Ducks last night. Their goaltending isn’t good enough for them to win a dogfight in the Central.

  2. Benny B. said:

    Poor true-blood Detroit fan. I cheer when they win, but I am also realistic. The Lions won’t beat the Jets and the Wings won’t win the Central.

  3. Stop with the hockey. I don’t want to have to start deleting shit. Thanks.

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