Lance’s Stone Cold Locks of the week!

Lance sent me an instant message about his locks since he’s out of town this weekend. Unlike The Champ, when Lancer goes out of town, he’s still putting in the work.

do me a favor and post my locks, I am swiping someones internet real quick.  Chargers over Chiefs, Chiefs get 5.  Arizona over Raiders, Raiders get 3.  Gtech over Clemson, Gtech gets 7throw in a bonus, that the GTech game will be the under…46.5

We thought he wasn’t going to make it and we were going to start picking Big Ten volleyball games and calling him his stone cold locks of the week. Maybe pick the Raiders AND the Lions to win (outright, the hell with the points). Pretty sure no one would notice the difference, although, our boy Lance is turning into Matt Mcconnnnnnahey from 2 for the Money, just flat out picking these games after riding a bicycle for a little bit. Or something.

  1. Well Lance’s picks are easy. I can’t do my in-depth detailed BOLD predictions in a 3 line AIM.

  2. arleen said:

    Hmm…your NFL pick has been wrong the last two weeks, so not sure what to think here. I’ve picked both KC and AZ – not sure I should change or not.

  3. arleen said:

    jesus – all 3 stone cold locks wrong.

  4. I’m not sure Jesus had much to do with Lance’s picks sucking. Jesus was otherwise occupied ensuring that Notre Dame BARELY beat a crappy Pac-10 team. Frankly, if I was the son of God, I would do some smiting and destroy that library so I didn’t have to watch such crappy football, and then listen to the head coach wonder why they slipped in the rankings.

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