Charlie Weis is baffled…

That’s not too surprising, really. I mean, Karl Dorrell basically gift-wrapped a victory for the Irish this past weekend that would leave any opposing coach wondering why the man did what he did. Being baffled and asking yourself questions like “did that man seriously tell his defenders to just, uh, not go anywhere near that dude on our team with the crazy last name” is wildly different, however, than what Weis is actually baffled by.

“One of the teams [Tennessee] that jumped us had the same game that we had. They’re down, they’re playing at home and they win by a field goal,” Weis said Tuesday. “Another team [Florida] that jumped us wasn’t even playing. They were home, eating cheeseburgers, and they end up jumping us. That befuddles me.”

A lot of coaches usually say how the polls don’t matter to them, because, uh, the polls normally do not matter in October. Usually winning the games and letting things sort themselves out is what coaches seem to worry about.

“Tell me how that works?” Weis said. “Maybe I’m just stupid. Tell me how that works?”

Well, since you asked, I’ll explain to you how that works.

First, an explanation of what happened in the polls this weekend…

Clemson topped Notre Dame and Cal in the AP. In the USA Today coaches poll, Notre Dame fell behind Tennessee and Florida, to number 10.

In the BCS, well, Michigan passed USC, but that doesn’t affect Notre Dame a whole lot. Auburn and West Virginia flipped, again, nothing to do with the Irish. The part that baffles Weis? Well, Texas went ahead of Notre Dame.

So, there is what happened, and because Weis is stupid, here’s why it all makes perfect sense.

We’ll start with who the folks involved in this game played. As I described above, the players are Notre Dame, Florida, Tennessee, Clemson and Texas. Weis’ essential point is that Notre Dame played the same type of game as Tennessee did and Florida was on a bye. His best argument probably comes from Texas’ jump in the BCS. But, he didn’t mention that example specifically, from what I could see. That pretty much just verifies to me that Weis is ripping the system for the sake of ripping it.

He also didn’t rip Clemson jumping them, which was definitely a good move on his end, because he has no argument there. Notre Dame struggled with Georgia Tech, Clemson dominated those fools. So, we’ll ignore that jump over Notre Dame in the rankings as it clearly should not befuddled anybody.

So, here’s how the remaining three, and we’ll toss in Texas as a fourth, performed…

Notre Dame…come back win in the closing moments against, coming into the game, 4-2 UCLA. A UCLA that was 2-2 in Conference and not a whole lot going for them.

Tennessee…played, coming into the game, 5-2 Alabama. A team that was also 2-2 in Conference play. Losses to Arkansas and Florida however, are a bit easier to come by than losses to Oregon and Washington.

Florida…OFF…eating cheeseburgers, as Charlie said. Charlie’s comments were likely out of jealousy, for the most part, but Charlie could easily have had a graduate assistant scoop him up some pies during the UCLA game if he so desired. If Charlie is desirous of a burger on a Saturday afternoon, I’m pretty sure the Notre Dame faithful can provide for the man.

Texas…late field goal win over a ranked Nebraska club. This will come in later because of the Texas jump. But, Texas certainly got the late win over the best opponent this weekend.

It’s simple, really. The Tennessee thing definitely should not baffle Weis, Weis even explains their jump himself. Weis says that Tennessee and Notre Dame played the SAME game. Well, OK, given that, the Tennessee win looks better than the Notre Dame win because Tennessee played a better opponent than Notre Dame did. Was that really so hard to explain? Was that really so baffling? Coming into the week, the teams were looked at on essentially the same level, and because they had the same performance, Tennessee got a bit of a bump from the Coaches poll because they had the harder task in front of them.


Florida, jumped Notre Dame on a bye week. Well, Florida first of all took a hard knock last week with the Auburn game. Florida probably fell too far to begin with and people probably need time to get around the fact that even though Auburn lost big to Arkansas, they are still are a capable football team that needed to protect their house. I don’t think anyone would have been surprised had Florida not passed Notre Dame, but no one should be surprised that they did. The factor that Weis completely ignores is that the rankings aren’t a set thing.

Sure, Notre Dame won and Florida did nothing, but reality is that the rankings flow from week to week. Another sub-par performance for Notre Dame begins to add up. For instance, a pollster last week may have given Notre Dame the benefit of the doubt for some of their performances earlier this season that were suspect, but another one? A voter may begin to penalize the Irish slightly for something they begin to see as a trend. When teams are so bunched up, even slight movement may cause a jump like this. It is hardly shocking, despite the Notre Dame win.

In fact, if you look at the poll data, rather than simply the number of the ranking, you’ll see that Florida did not have much of a rise because of their bye. They went from 1,045 points to 1,051 in the Coaches poll. Meanwhile, Notre Dame fell from 1,068 to 1,019. While we’re on this issue, Tennesse also dropped points wise. Not 49 points, like Notre Dame, but 14 points. Pretty much indicative of two teams playing dissapointing games and getting penalized for it slightly. Since Tennessee played the tougher game, they get penalized slightly less. It’s not that hard to follow. Florida didn’t play so they stay the same and pass Notre Dame pretty much by default.

Now, to the complaint Weis actually might have been able to make.
Texas passed the Irish in the BCS. They also passed Louisville. Texas, however, was ranked 5th in all of the human polls for both BCS weeks. The reason they made this jump was the game against ranked Nebraska increased their strength of schedule. Texas went from 15 to the computers to 13. The reason I say that this is Weis’ best argument is because Notre Dame’s computer rank went from 10 to 8. So, they got better there, but the human polls messed them up.

So, yeah, there’s not much of an argument for Weis in the BCS, but uh, he can be more befuddled about it.

  1. Benny B. said:

    You don’t understand. They have Notre Dame tradition. What kind of a poll has a system where a Notre Dame win over anybody + Notre Dame Tradition means they are ranked lower than ANYBODY???

  2. john okello said:

    doug you you are probably not a ND fan and you just hate cause you can`t stand that ND has ruled the football game for years

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