the Champ implements a new “3+2” format

Editor’s Note: Look, uh, I’m pretty fuckin’ speechless at these developments…


As of press-time the Champ has been unable to get ahold of Joboo editors, so I have decided to take it upon myself to tweak with the format of this column a bit. I think the New Thursday 3+2 column from the Champ will provide Joboo fans with even more excitement each week. That is, I will continue to offer bold predictions as always. But instead of 5, I will provide 3 bold predictions, along with 2 MAC picks of this week. When the football seasons ends, I plan on switching it over to basketball if things go well. I realize the MAC audience might not be rivaling that of the SEC or Big 10, but the simple fact is that you can bet on MAC games just the same as any other, and there is money to be made in the MAC. In fact, the only Division 1-A team in the country to be a perfect 8-0 against the Spread this year comes from the MAC, my beloved Central Michigan Chippewas. So, let’s get to business:


The Bold Predictions:


1) World Series ball will be played in November

Game 4 is supposed to play tonight, but the weather forecast isn’t looking good. Its not looking too hot for Friday either. In fact this weekend doesn’t look very good as far as weather goes in Detroit. This could turn into a really long World Series. In fact, its not crazy to say that you could see Carpenter go again for St. Louis by the time this thing gets going again. How crazy would that be? I won’t take my boldness that far, but I will go ahead and say we will see at least one November World Series game this year.


2) Kenny Rogers pitches another scoreless game

Not sure whether he only gets one more start, or two, based on what happens with the weather situation, but the prediction is that the Gambler deals his 4th straight postseason scoreless game the next time he takes the mound. Some said after the first two that he was done, but I had a hunch Kenny had more magic left in him for a 3rd scoreless game. I think he will use all of this pine-tar controversy to his advantage, and come out mentally prepared to prove himself yet again. Kenny gets it done and shocks the world once again. In the process, he will earn himself the consecutive postseason scoreless inning record.


3) Jon Kitna finishes the season with more passing yards than Carson Palmer

Judging by the numbers as they are today, it doesn’t seem so bold. But going by past arguments that I have had with a Joboo higher-up, I think its safe to say that this should qualify as a bold prediction. I don’t really think it matters what Jon’s numbers were last season because he was with a different team in a different situation than he is now. The Lions aren’t looking to the playoffs, so Mike Martz will let Kitna air it out even more. I don’t think Carson’s numbers last year matter either. What matters is how Carson is looking this year, and what style offense Kitna is in this year. The bottom line is that Kitna finishes the season with more passing yards than Carson does. End of story.


The MAC locks:

1) Akron -5 over Toledo

Toledo is having its worst season of the past decade. Akron has had its ups and downs, but the ups have been on much bigger stages. The line on this one is skewed a bit too much in Toledo’s favor simply because they are at home. Toledo’s dismal home crowd won’t phase Akron a bit, even in a night game. Akron rolls and covers this one.

2) Kent State -6.5 over Ohio

This one is a bit tougher, but it makes sense to go with the Golden Flashes. They appear to be the biggest threat right now to Central Michigan in the MAC, and they have a vicious home crowd. They should be able to squeak past a tough Ohio team by a TD to cover.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the new format. As long as the MAC picks start coming to fruition, the plan will be to keep it rolling. My bonus prediction will be to extend that November thing by a day or whatever it would be (I’m too lazy too look at a calendar) and say that the World Series is still going on when I write my next column next Thursday. Book it.

  1. 1) Since going to the Divisional playoff format in 1995, MLB has already played World Series ball in November in 2001, when Game 7 was played between the Diamondbacks and the Yankees. But that is the only instance I can find right now.

    2)I need a little clarification on the Rogers prediction. What are we calling a game, because I don’t think Kenny has actually gone a complete game yet. I just don’t want to see this one slide by if he comes in a pitches a scoreless inning of relief or something. It certainly looks like he has a great shot at the scoreless innings streak.

    3)I think you are probably right about this one, but to make it more interesting would you be willing to say that from this point forward Kitna will throw for more yards than Palmer?

    It looks like there is more stuff in your column, but I can’t recognize some of the words like Akron and Toledo. I didn’t realize minor league baseball was still going on?

  2. I know that the Sept. 11th World Series went into November because of the Sept. 11 delays. In fact some dubbed Derek Jeter “Mr. November” even though the Yankees didn’t ultimately win the series. I never said that this World Series would be the first in November, just that it would make November.

    As far as the Rogers thing goes, I’ll add the clairfication of 6+ innings. His first three were all 71/3 or more, so my predicted 4th one falls in line with that. I won’t count an inning of relief, just another solid game like his first three.

    I’m not sure Kitna will get more from here on out than Palmer but I think they will be pretty even from here on out.

  3. The hell with that Kitna crap. Carson is ready to ROLL. Fantasy Football wins = coming.

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