Ocho Cinco…Double Decoy?

Chad Johnson is not having the type of season that folks have expected him to have. This week, Johnson says he is back, and that came via one hell of a hilarious locker room interview. Johnson told Atlanta CB DeAngelo “Fall” that he was going to be flippin’ burgers at Willie Anderson’s Fatburger after this week, called himself “ocho cinco”, that he was going to get fined, that the dollar bill was going to change the slogan to “In Chad we Trust”. All in all, one hilarious interview.

Of course, I had to come up with ways to positively spin this for my fantasy team.

Not that fantasy matters, mind you, but it is a day like this that makes me proud to have Chad Johnson on the fantasy team. The man is hilarious.

So, Ocho Cinco got me thinking. At one point Ocho Cinco was talking about the amount of TDs he was going to put up and the like and asked TJ Houshmanzadeh if he wanted to get fined, because Chad would pay it…since he’s back.  TJ, or someone off screen and likely not a reporter, then let out a “decoooooooy”…very interesting.

I then listened to a bit of DeAngelo’s response on the NFL Network. DeAngelo made specific mention of how the team also has TJ Housh and how he has been on fire this season. Very interesting.  See, Chad runs his mouth and the other team quickly mentions how Chad is not the only receiver that they have to worry about.

Traditionally, the decoy system works with one receiver getting all of the attention. Cincy has been doing it all season with Johnson and TJ. Now,  Chad Johnson seems to be drawing all the attention to himself. Continuing that. But, the Falcons don’t want to get into any games with Chad. Chad has to know this. By coming out and talking that talk, it led to Hall specfically mentioning TJ. The Falcons are going to try to gameplan for both receivers, and well, their secondary is not good enough to handle two receivers. By reminding the Falcons that he’s an attention grabber, that’s going to keep the Falcons clued in to both receivers, which will allow both receivers to make grabs.

Not wanting to make the game all about shutting down Ocho Cinco, they leave Chad open. Thus, Chad Johnson worked it this week as double decoy. Either that or he was just crazy entertaining.

  1. For those of you looking for Ocho Cinco’s day against Atlanta: 6 catches, 78 yards, and 1 TD. Ocho was behind the defense a couple more times and Carson wasn’t able to get him the ball. Ocho does need to work on one thing, getting his head around after blocking on a running play. You talk that much shit about defensive backs, they aren’t going to care that you are out of the play; they WILL take a run at you. Head on a swivel, head on a swivel.

  2. 4. The halftime highlight show is entertainment. The Bengals’ Chad Johnson is an entertaining player. You became his antithesis by gravely informing us that his jersey patch should have read “Ochenta Cinco” because “Ocho Cinco” simply stands for the separate numbers eight and five. And when Brad said he liked Johnson’s “Touchdown Tango”, he really wasn’t looking for a lecture on the Tango’s origins in the brothels of Argentina, and when you correctly informed him that he was instead witnessing salsa dancing, you were about dos segundos from a beat-down.

    sample from my blog of the day: http://extrapolater.wordpress.com/2006/10/31/open-letter-to-a-pedantic-killjoy/

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