It’s just a basketball, right?

Or, should we start to worry about this thing? The players have been outspoken about it, and really, there hasn’t been a whole lot out there about the new basketball other than various players badmouthing the thing. Things might take a turn for the annoying, now, however, as’s headlines produce a story that a “study” shows that the new ball doesn’t behave like the old.

Where we might be in trouble is that the study was apparently done at the request of Mark Cuban.

For starters, It’s a basketball. If it behaves differently, adapt to the new manner in which the ball is behaving. I mean, if folks have to do it pick up games, NBA folks can handle it. I can’t imagine that the ball is going to effect the outcome that much.

To his credit, Cuban is saying this.

On his Blog, Cuban says, “1. Keep the ball. Its not perfect, but it would create more hassles than it solves to change.”

Cuban then gives off the results of the study, sent to him by the University of Texas at Arlington’s Physics department. Hook ’em Horns.

They include the words “coefficient of friction”, so I mean, I can’t possibly be paying that much attention to it. Compression tests were done. Friction tests conducted. They plan on conducting a wind tunnel test. Way too much time on their hands. Not blaming them, I mean, I’m going to be spending many hours on the wikipedia page for a timeline of events in Organized Crime history. Every year, from 1880 to the present. Wikipedia is awesome, can not be stressed enough.

But, this? This studying a basketball team? Waste of time.

Here’s the thing, do we know anything more about the new basketball now that these tests are conducted? Or is what Shaq said about the ball being different still generally the same thing? The tests might have provided some basis to the basketballs, and that’s all well and good, in certain contexts.

So, the  tests showed that the ball behaves differently. Well, what would have happened if the tests did not show that? Would we just sit here and called these players liars? The ball is fine, the players are just mentally setting themselves up for failure? How silly would that be?

If the players say they need work with the basketball, can’t we just sit here, let them work with the basketball? You know, find comfort with the basketball. They’ve been doing it for quite some time. I think they’ll manage.

Would it surprise anyone that Mark Cuban would try to drum up controversy around a small matter?  Anything to set up an excuse for the Mavericks, right? I mean, that’s the problem with an owner that acts more like fan. A lot of times, we love it, a lot of times it brings to a National forum the flaws of our characters in rooting for the teams we love. If Cuban needs to conduct a study to find something else to complain about, I guess the man can afford to do it.

Still, it’s rather (shallow and) pedantic on his end.

Anyway, hell, can’t I as a Sixers fan complain way more than Cuban can? I mean, Cuban is going through all these damn tests and knows the thing is going to play differently. So every Maverick is bouncing those things like crazy. I’m sitting here and in a couple nights, Allen Iverson is going to take the court and chances are, man doesn’t realize that there is a new basketball, let alone PRACTICE with the thing.

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