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Usually, I would be upset if the team that I root for needed a bat to put behind their MVP slugger, Ryan Howard. After seeing this off-season unfold, I’m somewhat happy that they have stood still, in that regard. I say somewhat because I am pretty sure that even after reading a lot about the Soriano deal, I would still take it in Philadelphia. Soriano’s deal is insane if you bat him leadoff and generally not worth it. But, the Phillies had no intentions of doing that and the Cubs will likely stop with the Soriano lead-off talk by opening day. Eight years is still too long on a contract for Soriano, but in getting Soriano you have to take some good with the bad.

When Soriano left the market, that pretty much left Carlos Lee as the only possibility in the free agent market to protect Ryan Howard. For a brief moment, I somewhat wanted the Phillies to take a serious look at bringing in Lee. Today, I’m very glad that they chose not to…Lee signed with the Houston Astros for 6 years/100mill.

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I’m writing about Andre Waters today despite knowing that most people generally will not give a damn or care that he committed suicide. The hell with it, though, Waters was my favorite Eagle growing up. He had the nickname “Dirty”, because, uh, well, if Rich Gannon’s giving any interviews today, he might mention something about that.

Redskins fans hate Andre Waters. Waters was a part of the “Body-Bag” game in 1990 against the Redskins where 5 Skins left on stretchers, 9 Skins left the game overall including two QBs. Running back Brian Mitchell finished the game at quarterback. Waters ran his mouth a bit afterwards and Skins fans DO NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT. I also think he took a run at a Redskins placekicker after a PAT one year and ended his career. Waters, along with Wes Hopkins, lit up the Houston Oilers one Monday Night the next season. They called that game “The House of Pain Game”. The Oilers game in with those finesse wide receivers and proceeded to get them jacked up.

I don’t know what it will say on Waters’ tombstone. But, “he hit suckaz. hard. made them mumble” would be my choice.

Rutgers, if they finish undefeated, should go to the National Title game. They should, but this whole REMATCH stuff between Ohio State and Michigan might really throw a wrench into those plans. First off, I’m not entirely sure Rutgers will go undefeated, but, a one loss SEC school? They should play the winner of this Michigan/Ohio State game.

I’m so tired of the Michigan/Ohio State rematch stuff. Mainly because I’m not convinced about how good Michigan is just yet. In my mind, Michigan NEEDS this win, needs this game to show how good they are. If you over value Wisconsin, if you value Notre Dame like the pollsters do, then you might think Michigan is already at the highest level. They aren’t.

Schembechler dying? Well, that takes things to a whole different level.

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Well, friends, Joboo has hit new territory this week. Joboo has reached the promise land. What was the monumental event that sparked this? I suspected you might ask. The Champ is a proud holder of a Joboo Sam’s Club Business Membership. That’s right. When all those other poor folks have to wait until 10 am to enter Sam’s, the Champ can stroll right in there at 7a.m. and not mess around with those lines. And it’s all because of my hard work and dedication here at Joboo. So, it’s time for some more hard work and dedication:


Bold Prediction #1: The Wolverines Upset the Buckeyes Saturday

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    I should probably start out by saying that while a rabid Bears fan, I for one was never talking that 16-0 noise.  Of course I’ve wondered aloud about how cool it would be to stop hearing stories about some Dolphin’s team with Bob Griese at quarterback and even hypothesized about it being possible if they could just make it out of Gillette Stadium alive.  Luckily, the Dolphins ended any of that silly discussion that was even infecting the major media.  On the flip side of that, I realize the Bears lost to the Dolphins, but suddenly they are terrible?  Come on, even great teams lose games they probably shouldn’t, so expecting merely a good Bears team to not stumble is ridiculous.  So what are we left with after their victory in the Meadowlands on Sunday night?  Read More