the Champ goes Bold, Breeders’ Cup-style

A lot has happened since my last column. The Tigers broke my heart, and in the process pissed off the entire National League. The NBA season kicked off, and perhaps most importantly, the Champ has fell into quite a groove in heads up Full Tilt Poker. Anyways, I have no idea where I was going with any of the above, so I will cut the crap and jump right into this weeks BOLD predictions. Continuing with last week’s format, I will provide 3 bold predictions, and 2 MAC locks of the week. Here we go:




1) The Oakland Raiders upset the Seahawks on Monday Night

They are hot, and Seattle is, well, hurt. A few weeks ago this would just have seemed silly, but at least now it has some legitimacy behind it. However, its still bold because, well, it’s the Raiders, and Art Shell is still their coach, last time I checked. I think Oakland pulls this one out on Monday.


2) 15 to 1 Long-shot Sun King wins the Breeder’s Cup Classic on Saturday

I think this pick starts with the prediction that heavy favorite Bernadini disappoints, and fades away. I mean, how fun is it when the favorite wins it anyway? It usually doesn’t happen in the Breeder’s Cup. Sun King seems like a logical choice. He is a Nick Zito horse who won the 2005 Pennsylvania Derby, which is considered to be similar race to Saturday’s Breeder’s Cup. So, why not? Sun King takes it.


3) Mark Teixeira is a Detroit Tiger by the start of the next MLB season

I expect them to engage in some sort of blockbuster deal involving one of their young arms. I have a gut feeling that it will be Bonderman that gets dealt. This probably involves them letting Sean Casey go. There have been some Bonderman-for-Teixeira rumors that have surfaced, but its defiantly bold to say that it will happen. It will happen.



1) Ohio – 6 over Eastern Michigan

I went against Ohio last week and learned my lesson. This team is better than people seem to be giving them credit for. Eastern Michigan is an awful team, but has been sticking in games lately, perhaps why this line is only a 6-pointer. Ohio should win this one handily.


2) Central Michigan -18 over Temple

I have probably said it before it a past Joboo column or two, but I think it deserves repeating. The Central Michigan University Chipewas remain the only team in I-A football to be a perfect 8-0 this season against the spread. They have covered every game, and I see no reason to believe that streak will stop this week. They are going against a Temple team that are fresh off their first win a really really long time. However, if they did not get that W, this line would have been high 20s. I like the 18 point line, and think Central should roll in this one.


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