Daily Archives: November 7, 2006

You Tube all in ain’t got it up yet raise the big blind, and I know queen high flush, I got the Ace Dotes and Doug will be all in over this, but damn how do i play this small pocket pair, that shit was wrong. Just wrong, but the wheel is just so right. The Raiders may be the worst 7 card stud thing to ever happen to professional football Phil Hellmuth.

I will go ahead and bluff predict right now that the Sport’s Guy, Daniel Negreanu and every other funny sports media outlet great catch on the river in the entire world will be on this soon. Art Shell on tilt. But Joboo was there first. Gonna lay this monster down.

Editor’s Note: We hired Spencer to write POKER columns. Not sure what this was, but uh, had to edit in some poker words.

Writer’s Note: I plan on going Raiders on dougie’s junk next time I see him cause of this edit.

Editor’s Note #2: To the readers…you know the movie Drumline, with Nick Cannon? Well, Spencer transferred from MSU Law to Grambling State law just to work his way into a drumline. Means…a. you’re not getting anywhere near me to go Raiders on my junk and b. You idolize Nick Cannon and want to mash on them sticks. It’s cool. It’s just that the whole world now knows.