If I put out a rap album…

Could I move more than 342 copies in the first week that I have the album out?

I don’t stay up at night posing these questions to myself, but, I like to imagine that Ron Artest does. I doubt these are lofty aspirations…I google the words debut album sales rap and the first entry that comes up is one telling me that Jibbs should not be pleased with the 46,000 albums he pushed in his debut week.

Well, the hell with Jibbs (one of the members of Insane Clown Posse?), as the masses will be pleased to know that Mr. Artest sold 343 copies of his album.  Originally, the number was reported as ONE. Which, really, would not have surprised any living soul. Amazon.com’s rankings has Artest at #49,111 in Music. I had no idea until just this moment that there were 49,111 albums available to purchase.

To put this in perspective Jeopardy style… When I was about 12 a buddy of mine used to purchase casette tapes from random black gentlemen aspiring to become part of the rap game, needless to say, they never amounting to anything except for dudes selling cassettes from out of their vehicles. At which point, Ken Jennings chimes in with the answer…Who are dudes currently laughing at Ron Artest?

  1. lancer said:

    Even my boy K-Fed can laugh, he sold 6,500 copies in the first week.

  2. Damn. 1? Figured I wasn’t the only one to buy a copy right away but I guess I was wrong.

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