the Champ Officially launches his Coup d’état

Well, its that time again. Remarkably, the Champ has been rather upbeat this week, despite the absolute drumming the Democrats served on the GOP this week. I have been looking at the positives, and so far, it really hasn’t bothered me much. But none of this newly found bipartisan style that the Champ has recently acquired will rub off on the column. As far as the column goes, it is bold as always, and I AM the party. We all know that my MAC locks haven’t been going well. So, they are out the window. Avid Joboo readers may also have noticed that our friend Lance seems to have disappeared. Where has Lance been? Any answers to this question will be gladly accepted in our comments section, but we really just don’t know where he is. So, what I am doing this week is taking over Lance’s Locks. I mean if he won’t get the job done, the Champ will. That’s right, folks. I got the boat and the army tanks. The Coup has been staged. What I have for everyone this week are 2 GUARANTEES for my bold predictions. Following the guarantees, I will provide my three locks of the week that I have now officially taken over from the awol Lance. Enjoy!


Guarantee #1:            Rutgers upsets Louisville Tonight


            Rutgers continues their magical run tonight. Greg Schiano, Mike Teal, Ray Rice, and the rest of the boys will get the job done tonight. They come into this game with more intensity and motivation than any game the Rutgers football program has played in the past quarter century. They have the home crowd behind them, and they will be wild tonight. I don’t know what else I can really say about it. Rutgers 24, Louisville 17.



Guarantee #2:            The Indianapolis Colts WILL become the first ever 16-0 NFL Team


            As Roy Williams would say, they are gonna “run that table”. Peyton has shown against the Broncos and Pats in recent weeks that he can win that big game now. Sure they weren’t playoff games or anything, but lets not kid ourselves – They were big games that he would have screwed up earlier in his career. And no NFL team has ever gone 16-0, so I’m pretty sure its bold. Book it.


The Locks formerly picked by Lance:


Lock #1:         Kansas City Chiefs – 1 over Miami Dolphins


            Joey’s 400-yard efforts are over. Huard will continue to work his hot arm, and if for some reason he doesn’t, Trent Green is waiting and ready to go. LJ will be LJ, and the rest is history. KC wins this one, and in the process covers since the line is only a point.


Lock #2:         Houston Texans + 11 over Jacksonville Jaguars


            Nothing against the Jags, but I think 11 points is too much here. The Texas usually perform when they are least expected to. The put up better games against teams like Jacksonville then they do against teams like the Raiders or Lions, or whoever else sucks these days. I’m not saying the Texas will win, but they should cover the line here.


Lock #3:         Minnesota Vikings – 5 over Green Bay Packers


            Sure the Pack have picked up a couple of Ws, but they still suck. The Vikings are looking better than I thought they would this year. They should roll in this one, easily covering the 5 points.


            So, there you have it. If anybody has heard about the bets the Champ has placed this year though, or seen my dismal performance in the Yahoo Joboo Pick Em League, it just might be a good idea to consider betting the OPPOSITE of my locks. Just throwing the idea out there. Take it for what you will.

  1. Kevin said:

    Nice “locks” Champ, viva la Lance!

  2. Hey, at least I got the Rutgers pick.

    I’ll rebound on those locks tomorrow.

  3. Personally, I never use more than one life on this if I understand this correclty. I just wonder why so many do not understand how this is. I guess that is the beauty of it all. Good post though!!

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