the Champ rocks Sam’s Club Business-Membership style

Well, friends, Joboo has hit new territory this week. Joboo has reached the promise land. What was the monumental event that sparked this? I suspected you might ask. The Champ is a proud holder of a Joboo Sam’s Club Business Membership. That’s right. When all those other poor folks have to wait until 10 am to enter Sam’s, the Champ can stroll right in there at 7a.m. and not mess around with those lines. And it’s all because of my hard work and dedication here at Joboo. So, it’s time for some more hard work and dedication:


Bold Prediction #1: The Wolverines Upset the Buckeyes Saturday

Some of the more avid Joboo readers might remember than an early bold prediction I made from one of my first columns at Joboo was that the Wolverines would win the Big Ten Title this year. Some frequenters of the comments section laughed it off and even called it ridiculous. Well my friends, the Wolverines are just one win away from making my Bold Prediction a reality. But I know this last game is the big one for them. Nothing is accomplished without a win in Columbus. In my first prediction I even said that, “this one might well come down to that last game in Columbus”. I was ready for it. Well the moment is here, and I figured, why not make two bold predictions out of it, and chalk up another victory on the Bold Predictions count when the Wolverines D shuts the Buckeyes down on their home turf. And the Rutgers guarantee from last week didn’t look too shabby. The line on this one is similar so why not? UM: 27 OSU: 14. Book it.


Bold Prediction #2: Troy Smith DOES NOT win the Heisman Trophy


He is a distant No. 1 in every single Heisman poll in the country. The No. 2 spot is pretty split but most polls are showing either Ray Rice from Rutgers or Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn. I won’t speculate which of the two gets it because I already said that Garrett Wolfe would be the Top Running Back and we all know that isn’t happening. Man had a great start but a nagging hamstring ruined the rest of his season. Oh well. But what I will say is that Troy Smith doesn’t win the Heisman. This one really goes hand-in-hand with the first bold prediction. I think Michigan’s D will shut down Troy. The simple fact is that the Buckeyes haven’t faced a D nearly as good as the Wolverines D yet this season. Some might make an argument for Texas, but I don’t buy that. Michigan has gotten to where they are with their stellar D, and we all know that it’s the D that wins Championships. I think Troy will take a big hit in the Heisman polls when he gets stuffed by that Michigan D on Saturday.The NFL Locks of the Week formerly picked by Lance
Last week, I launched a historical Coup d’état on Lance’s locks. The response? Well I mean the picks didn’t go that great, but there was no resistance at all. The Champ seems to have taken them over and Lance is still nowhere to be found. Rumor has it that he has been camping out somewhere in the UP trying to snag one of those PS3s, so until he makes an appearance on Joboo to prove otherwise, we are going to have to assume that rumor is true. Last week I went 1-2 with the picks, which if I recall right, is the same record Lance started out with. I did, however, make the disclaimer that it might be wise to bet the opposite of my picks. If anybody heeded that advice, they would have made a few bucks with a 2-1 record.


 This week I am feeling a bit more confident with my picks because there appear to be some sold gimmes out there. I won’t make any advice as to whether to bet on them or their opposites, I’ll just offer them up there for you to decide. Without further ado,
Lock formerly picked by Lance #1:
Colts – 1 over Cowboys


 For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the Cowboys are only getting 1 point here. I know they are at home, but come on, it’s the Colts. The Colts should be giving more than a point here, because the will win this one, and its tough to win a game by less than a point. Call this one the Champ’s Lock of the Year.


 Lock formerly picked by Lance #2:
Titans + 13 over the Eagles
Of course I think the Eagles will win this one, so hopefully Doug doesn’t go too crazy when he reads this. I just think 13 is way too much of a spread on a game like this. They may even win it by 10 making it closer to the spread, but 13 is incredibly too many points to give the Titans here.


 Lock formerly picked by Lance #3:
Steelers -3 over Browns
Poli, not sure if you are reading Joboo these days, but I’m with ya budy. The Steelers have got to turns things around. It starts this week against the Browns. Giving the Browns 3 in a game like this is nothing. The Steelers roll.
Well, there you have it. Take them for what you will. One thing that I will guarantee is that I will be using that Joboo Sam’s Club Business Membership sometime soon in the future.

  1. MANY said:

    can’t read shit on those locks. Nothing.

  2. Uh, yeah, The Champ is apparently not good at copy and pasting from Microsoft Word.

  3. Kevin said:

    Champ, only two bold predictions? Weak.

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