Bo Schembechler dying might really tick off some Rutgers fans

Rutgers, if they finish undefeated, should go to the National Title game. They should, but this whole REMATCH stuff between Ohio State and Michigan might really throw a wrench into those plans. First off, I’m not entirely sure Rutgers will go undefeated, but, a one loss SEC school? They should play the winner of this Michigan/Ohio State game.

I’m so tired of the Michigan/Ohio State rematch stuff. Mainly because I’m not convinced about how good Michigan is just yet. In my mind, Michigan NEEDS this win, needs this game to show how good they are. If you over value Wisconsin, if you value Notre Dame like the pollsters do, then you might think Michigan is already at the highest level. They aren’t.

Schembechler dying? Well, that takes things to a whole different level.

See, I don’t think Michigan has no shot to beat Ohio State. They can do it. However, they now have a chance of beating the crap out of the Buckeyes. I don’t want to say that a coach dying is going to always equal instant success (Northwestern), but, when you have volatile reactions of athletes, there is a possibility that these kids just play out of their minds.

And a Michigan win by 20 or so, that outlier type win that folks really don’t expect, well, that is when the rematch talk can really take off. Because, man, Ohio State fans are going to complain. If Michigan gets blown out of the water, we can easily sit back and say that they were who we thought they were. That the Big Ten is weak, but Ohio State is really damn good. Michigan, if they get beat, can get written off easily.

So, what does Dead Schembechler have to do with any of this? I mean, if I don’t like the rematch even if Michigan wins in a close game, how could I like it in a blow out. Because it’s not as simple to write off the Buckeyes. Everyone has considered the Buckeyes to be, if not number one, but damn close to it for the entire season. If they get beat badly, there will be a lot of sentiment to see them get a rematch so we can see if the Buckeyes that have been around this entire season will be able to step up in the rematch. If they win close, then it’s not as big of a deal. The point would be that a big loss would be such an outlier that people would want to see these two teams do it again.

I won’t say that I’m rooting for Ohio State, because I don’t think I’ll ever say that, but I would not mind Ohio State winning and taking away all chance of a rematch. I don’t like the idea of any two teams from the same conference having a rematch for the National Title. We’ve got all this debate between teams spread across many conferences, let’s at least try to answer it, even if that never works out.

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