Daily Archives: November 20, 2006

I’m writing about Andre Waters today despite knowing that most people generally will not give a damn or care that he committed suicide. The hell with it, though, Waters was my favorite Eagle growing up. He had the nickname “Dirty”, because, uh, well, if Rich Gannon’s giving any interviews today, he might mention something about that.

Redskins fans hate Andre Waters. Waters was a part of the “Body-Bag” game in 1990 against the Redskins where 5 Skins left on stretchers, 9 Skins left the game overall including two QBs. Running back Brian Mitchell finished the game at quarterback. Waters ran his mouth a bit afterwards and Skins fans DO NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT. I also think he took a run at a Redskins placekicker after a PAT one year and ended his career. Waters, along with Wes Hopkins, lit up the Houston Oilers one Monday Night the next season. They called that game “The House of Pain Game”. The Oilers game in with those finesse wide receivers and proceeded to get them jacked up.

I don’t know what it will say on Waters’ tombstone. But, “he hit suckaz. hard. made them mumble” would be my choice.