Daily Archives: November 24, 2006

Usually, I would be upset if the team that I root for needed a bat to put behind their MVP slugger, Ryan Howard. After seeing this off-season unfold, I’m somewhat happy that they have stood still, in that regard. I say somewhat because I am pretty sure that even after reading a lot about the Soriano deal, I would still take it in Philadelphia. Soriano’s deal is insane if you bat him leadoff and generally not worth it. But, the Phillies had no intentions of doing that and the Cubs will likely stop with the Soriano lead-off talk by opening day. Eight years is still too long on a contract for Soriano, but in getting Soriano you have to take some good with the bad.

When Soriano left the market, that pretty much left Carlos Lee as the only possibility in the free agent market to protect Ryan Howard. For a brief moment, I somewhat wanted the Phillies to take a serious look at bringing in Lee. Today, I’m very glad that they chose not to…Lee signed with the Houston Astros for 6 years/100mill.

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