Why do Bloggers hate ESPN?

When we started this blog a couple months ago I anticipated a lot of blogs including remarks about various lameass things ESPN has done or is in the process of doing. I haven’t really liked ESPN for a while now, but put up with the bullshit because it is necessary. I do not want to watch Sean Salisbury analyze football. I don’t like anyone on that network for basketball, aside from the unintentional comedy of Stacey Dales Schuman calling a red-shirt freshman a sophomore that is in his first year of basketball. The NFL Network has helped me rid myself of ESPNs awful football coverage, but I’m stuck with them for basketball. Baseball, well, I like what ESPN provides more often than not.

With eBay ESPN, they have a lame slate of writers and an overload of Insider articles. Their Fantasy Football layout is horrible compared to Yahoo and, well, OK…we all know there are flaws with what ESPN provides, but they still do this sports thing more than everyone, so when talking sports, people are inevitably going to talk about the bad moments.

But, I’m finding it more and more difficult to rip on ESPN lately. It’s just not fun anymore. Too many people consistently rip ESPN for things that they probably should not be ripped for that it takes the fun out of it for everyone else. Deadspin, great site, but, uh, ripping ESPN for giving employees a coupon for a free drink or meal after ESPN set some MNF ratings record that they’ll break again within two years?  The Bill Simmons bashing bandied about the internet recently has been a bit of overkill, as well. Today, I think Yaysports brings things to a new level, however.

Scoop Jackson, a writer for ESPNs Page 2 wrote a column today as the NBA basketball. In it, he referred to the ball with a nickname that originated at yaysports.com. Now, Scoop Jackson certainly could have just written the article as the basketball and gone on with his life. Instead, he decided to throw a bone to the web-site and included their nickname for the basketball in his article. Yaysports had generated the name and has done some comic strips and videos for the ball.

It’s really the kind of thing, that, uh, shouldn’t be turned into a big deal, but the bitchfest about Scoop Jackson about something this mild is ridiculous. I’ve seen about 3 blogs that I normally visit mention this as well as links to many others that are writing about it because Yaysports is encouraging other bloggers to bitch about this.

The fun…taken right out of bashing ESPN.  See, if you waste time ripping ESPN for things that don’t warrant it…well, frankly, I should not have to explain the story of the boy who cried wolf to anyone.

They’re bitching about how Scoop Jackson didn’t get their character right…probably because Scoop Jackson…I don’t know, was writing his OWN column and doing so with an idea that NO ONE can call original? Take an object and add words and thoughts to it?! Whoever would think of that? The worst part about this is they say that it’s OK for Scoop to write as the ball, but it’s pretty clear that they think he thieved the entire concept from them…”Again, you have every right to have the NBA ball speak in the first person (as questionable as that is to do)”

A concept that is, uh, not original, but they bitterly proclaim that it was stolen from them. I understand the frustration with writing something and then having someone do something similar that makes what you’re doing so much less unique. But, if what you’re doing is still good…why should it matter? Hell, in the process of doing his own article, Scoop Jackson went out of his way to acknowledge that other people are working with this concept. He could have just written his column as the ball, and I don’t know, gotten on with his life? But, he mentions someone else dealing with similar material. Tells me he’s confident in his own work standing up to competition. An impression I don’t get from the writer at Yaysports.

  1. Frank said:

    Disagree there. Scoop also mentions a few outtakes from the Yaysports story. He plays off some of the ideas used by Yaysports. I’m guessing you haven’t read the whole history of the Orange Roundie on Yaysports.

    You state that he’s throwing someone else a bone, and that this is commendable. I believe that is what has Yaysports really riled up, that Scoop can use the idea and play it off as throwing a bone instead of what it is, plagiarism.

  2. I’ve read through some of the stuff on Roundie at yaysports, I haven’t watched all of the videos, but I’ve read the comic strips and read the articles. I think it is a definite stretch to call it plagiarism.

    I still see it mainly as Scoop Jackson picked up on this nickname for the ball just like someone would pick up on a nickname for anything else and used it in his article. If some of the concepts overlap, that’s bound to happen, especially if you’re looking for it. An homage, in recognizing that those concepts overlapped…and in admittedly different manners as the folks at YAYsports get on Jackson’s case about the differences between the characters.

  3. arleen said:

    sean salisbury is the best football analyst they have. i can think of only one better out there on any network…certainly not shannon sharpe, boomer esiason, jerome bettis. come on…the guy speaks his mind and calls things as they are. you like michael irvin more?

  4. Like Michael Irvin more? While I might, because he gets his football more correct than Salisbury and doesn’t need to berate a nerdy looking guy to feel like a man, I’m pretty sure the writer could have been one of the people CHEERING WHEN MICHAEL IRVIN WAS CARTED OFF PARALYZED at veterans stadium. So if that is what you mean by liking him more, than yeah he likes him more.

  5. Sean Salisbury is awful. He is one of those who throws so much crap against the wall that once something sticks he sounds like he knows what he is talking about. One just gets the sense that he just says things so that if it does come to fruition he can say he was the first, or only, one to bring it up.

    To me Irvin is a hypocrite. He constantly bags on receivers for openly challenging their QB or coach yet defends his boy TO tooth and nail even though he did exactly the same thing in Philly. The only reason Irvin is there is because he brings some energy and personality to that set as Young and TJ tend to be a bit boring at times.

    Collinsworth is as good as there is as far as studio analysts go he is just awful in the booth.

  6. aaaa said:

    ESPN sucks and everyone knows it

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