Why don’t more people HATE the St. Louis Cardinals?

    For any of you that have been here before, you probably realize where I am coming from on this issue.  I’m a Cubs fan, let’s get that out there up front, so that is where my hatred of the Cards started, but the more I think about it on an objective basis I can’t understand why the hell more people don’t hate the St. Louis Cardinals.  Let’s be honest, hating other sports teams is just as much a part of Americana as cheering for your own.  This usually stems from a couple things.  One possibility is of course the rivalry.  ESPN makes sure that we know how much hate is involved in the Red Sox-Yankees feud, we here about the Dodgers-Giants and recently the Cubs-Cardinals have been getting more national attention.  As sports fans we are programmed to understand why fans of one of these teams hates everything about their rivals.  Another type of hatred is a lot less common.  This is of course the hatred of one team by the majority of the rest of the league.  The best example of this is probably the New York Yankees.  Most teams and fans are just envious of the financial resources at the Yankees’ disposal, but there is a lot more that plays into it too.  It is this type of hatred that got me wondering why anyone not a Cardinals fan wouldn’t seriously dislike them.

If you have read up to this point I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself this is just some bitter Cubs fan who has finally just started admitting that the most recent World Series wasn’t canceld trying to lash out at his more successful rival.  Well, you’d be correct, but that doesn’t mean anything I’m about to write isn’t on point.

  • Tony Larussa: Might as well start at the top with the list, and trust me Tony will tell you how great he is.  First of all, the man is a lawyer, so that is one huge strike against him.  But beyond that, how many of us actually like the person that constantly tries to prove he or she is the smartest person in the room? Tony is definitely a good manager, but I think he falls far short of the greatness that he seems to believe is his birthright.  It gets to the point where Larussa feels he should be more of the story than his ball-club.  Remember a couple of years ago when he started batting his pitcher 8th?  I’m not going to argue the utility of this strategy, except to say that most managers wouldn’t have considered it because it couldn’t possibly help THAT much.  Not Tony, he did not give a damn if it was a distraction or an embarrassment to the guy batting behind the pitcher he just wanted the media and fans to recognize that he was smart enough and inventive enough to do what others weren’t going to. . . even if it didn’t make a damn bit of difference.
  • Albert Pujols: I’m going to avoid the usual discussion of the rumors about his alleged steroid use or the fact that the man is the oldest looking 26 year old on earth and focus on the facts.  The simple fact is that Pujols is a surly asshole. (Get it, Pujols=asshole, sorry couldn’t resist).  Pujols has long been regarded as the golden boy of baseball but I think the world is finally starting to see the truth.  The recent comments about Ryan Howard winning the MVP were not only stupid, they can’t be made by someone with a freshly minted World Series ring.  It just comes across as selfish and puts in question all the things Pujols has said in the past about caring more about winning games then personal achievements.  Why did it take so long to see this side of Pujols? Well the St. Louis media isn’t exactly comparable to New York and are pretty good about protecting their superstars.  I don’t care how much money the man donates to charity or what charities he supports because we can never really know the real reason he does so. For people in situations like Pujols it is easier to right a check to look like a stand up guy rather than actually acting like one.  He’s taken over Barry Bonds’ mantle as best hitter in the game, but unfortunately he has also begun his run at the biggest asshole mantle as well.
  • Scott Rolen: Just ask my Phillie loving friend Doug about Scott Rolen.  Everyone loves a superstar that mails in performances to force a trade away from a team because the fans are a little too hard on him.  Well that is exactly what Scotty did in Philadelphia.  His Cardinals tenure has certainly had some highlights, my personal favorite of course being him struggling something fierce down the stretch run last season and then magically blaming it on a mysterious shoulder injury that had been bothering him for months.  Was his shoulder giving him some problems?  Most likely, but either it wasn’t hurting too bad that he couldn’t play or if it was hampering his performance maybe he should have let his manager in on his little secret instead of springing it on him the last week of the season.
  • Scott Spiezio: I’m pretty sure that facial hair would look pretty lame without dying it red, but way to go Scott, you managed to take it to a new level.  Maybe its required when you are playing guitar with Barry Zito and Scott Stapp, but it shouldn’t be necessary when you are playing 5 different positions at a very mediocre level.
  • The Fans: The St. Louis Cardinals fans are probably the most annoying thing about the team and the reason even if the Cards signed nothing but players I really liked I would still hate the Cards.  Not sure how many people realize this, but did you know that St. Louis fans are the best baseball fans in the country?  According to whom you may ask, and the answer would be most of the national media.  I’ve seen stories on ESPN and in SI, but have yet to figure out what the basis for this is.  Are they the most intelligent fans in the game?  I can’t imagine that being the case since the vast majority of them can’t read.  It can’t be that they cheer when they are supposed to, it can’t be that simple.  Is it because they usually have a pretty full stadium?  It isn’t that big of a shock given how little else there is to do in St. Louis aside from getting drunk, wearing some safety orange and hoping this will be the time your first cousin will ditch your dad and finally let you take her out to dinner at the local bowling alley.  Especially considering the Cardinals usually field a pretty decent baseball team there is no reason that Busch Stadium shouldn’t be full almost every night.  That can’t show anymore dedication then a fan base that consistently shows up for a team that hasn’t won a World Series in almost a century.  I’m just saying.  So while there seems to be no rational basis for calling them the best baseball fans in America, they never seem to let anybody forget it.  Not that I can blame them that much, I guess a made up honor is better then having absolutely nothing to hang your hat on.  The annoying part about it is that Cardinals’ fans can’t wrap their simple minds around the fact that other baseball towns might take offense to that.  I’m not going to sit here and say Chicago is a better baseball town the St. Louis, cause I can settle for just a better overall town, but its a little ostentatious to perpetuate a myth that you are better than all the other baseball fans out there.
  • Joe Buck: I’m sure all of you are familiar with Joe Buck from calling playoff baseball or football on Fox.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that Joe Buck is a terrible announcer.  Oh wait, you all get that part, nice I won’t have to sit here and explain why a man that makes less sense than TROY AIKMAN is a terrible play by play guy.  My real problem with Buck is how he makes no attempt to hide his unquestioned biased for the Cardinals whenever he is involved calling one of their games.  We get it, you grew up around the Cards where your dad was a much less annoying announcer.  But you aren’t calling the games for the local St. Louis channel anymore so when you get that national gig, could you pretty please, just for me, try to call the game down the middle?

I’m sure I could probably list some other reasons why the Cardinals should be despised by the world at large, but I think everyone should be picking up on the theme by now.  Obviously, I’m not thinking I’m going to convince any Cardinals fans with this, so if there are any of you reading this I’ll go ahead and apologize up front.  The chances of a Cardinals fan reading this is slim however, because it would be dependent on one of them actually having a computer and being able to turn it on.  I guess a non-cardinals fan could print it out and drop it off at the nearest trailer or outhouse they could find, but we would still have to get over that whole illiteracy thing.  For the rest of you, the next time you’re flipping through the channels or in a sports bar and you run across a Cardinals game on just let out a little “fucking cardinals” or something similar for me.  All of Cubs nation and the baseball world at large will be in your debt.

  1. Did you see David Eckstein on NBC’s 1 vs. 100 tonight? Dude needs to realize that he is no Ocho Cinco. The mohawk thing doesn’t really work. Sorry David….

  2. Bertrand said:

    How about the fact they have two male cardinals on their uniforms gazing so lovingly into each other’s eyes. And on the Larussa thing, does the dude really need to make 3 pitching changes in the 7th inning in a 5 run game just to get the right “matchup”. Fuck the Cardinals, Fuck Larussa, and Fuck Joe Buck!

  3. Doc Hancock said:

    poor cub fan

  4. M Mitchell said:

    the thing about the fans….i agree partially because i’m sure it is hard to cheer for a team that hasnt won a world series in almost a century BUT…cardinal fans arent rude or obnoxious to the visiting teams

  5. Tim said:

    please just because you guys cant win a world series you shouldnt be such women in chicago. But then Again Cubs Usless By September have fun when Soriano hurts himself and that dump of a ball bark you have.

  6. stlguywithacomputer said:

    That’s a cute story you have their, did you make that up on your own?

  7. hotchickthatlovesthebirds said:

    Typical d-bag Chi-town loser. You Chicago a$$wipes think a lot of that $hithole. Those long hard winters must suck waiting to watch the Cubs have another crappy season. I love my World Champion Cardinals and would be willing to bet I have a bigger house make more money and drive a nicer car than you do.

    • Joe said:

      Fuck you and the horse you rode in on filthy cunt. A dumb bitch like you would like the Cardinals.

    • Deez nuts said:

      you should hear some of these retards speak, they I think that St Louis is as big as Chicago. I’ve had more than one person tell me that in St Louis. Saint Louis fans are just all around douchebags. They live to talk shit about anything and everything but don’t say anything about their dear Tardinals… Oops Cardinals. They get extremely defensive, then when they get back from changing their tampons they get mean

  8. britt said:

    wow those cards fans are so intelligent sounding. cause a nice car and bigger house is so relevant. * rolls eyes *

  9. mike said:

    and this proves the cards fans are assholes point

  10. Bob said:

    I have lived in Chicago for 5 years and St. Louis for 2 years and I am originally from Cincinnati and a Reds fan. Chicago has the worst fans on the planet. Sure there are some die hard cubs fans but for the most part they are ignorant, cry baby, only at Wrigley for the scene, pieces of shit. So you are 100% wrong because the fans in St. Louis at least respect fans of other teams. Go fuck yourself.

    • Rob said:

      Yeah you sure sound like a nice fan of baseball….with your reply to the author of the article…”Go F yourself”…that is what the author is talking about and you just proved his point.

    • 2011 WS what a JOKE said:

      Yeah, you are the type of Cardinal fan that I hate. You are just like the rest of them. Wonder if you would say that if I was starin’ you down between the eyes. Bet you wouldnt… Cardinal fans love to talk shit just like this little shithead Bob does. So let me paint a picture for you, Bob… keep talkin’ shit, because you guys (the Cardinals) have just about taken the cake from the Yankees for biggest assholes in the league.

    • Deez nuts said:

      what dream world are you living in?

  11. Megan said:

    Honestly if you’re going to go at the Cards and their fans I expected something more. You’re sour and don’t realize that YES, the Cardinals are the life of St. Louis. We live and breathe and organize our lives around the baseball season. Win and lose – and yes, we have become quite accustomed to winning – we will be there. Sure, Tony can back some bad decisions – ex. this season – and you can look for fault all you want, but no matter what you say I and the rest of St. Louis will always be a baseball town and proud to be the home of the Cardinals.

  12. Tim said:

    The Cubs fucking suck. Chicago women aren’t attractive. The men of Chicago are all balding assholes. Chicago fans aren’t even baseball fans, they just like to get drunk in an antique ballpark.

  13. Jim said:

    I live in Chicago and have been a Cubs fan all of my life. Inevitably, whenever my agency has clients in the first thing they want to do is go to a Cubs game. I can’t tell you enough how embarrassing that usually ends up being. We once had the VP of Marketing from a major company in who was a huge Mets fan. He left Wrigley in the 6th inning after a fellow Cubs fan purposely dumped a beer on him for cheering for the Mets. Now we only bring the clients to the rooftop seats.

    I’m no Cardinals fan, but dude, your argument is weak and smacks of bitterness. Your generalizations amount to social and economic racism.

    • 2011 WS what a JOKE said:

      I think you are going extremely far, and not only that but what you have said is a complete farce. To call the article “racism” is purely uneducated. Trigger happy? The article may be opinion, but it has a commanding narrative and clear and concise point of view. You simply muddle up the conversation here by flaming the article like a ten year old.

  14. Jennifer said:

    In 2005, I visited Wrigley Field, it was the most awful experience I have ever had at a ballpark. The fans were obnoxious and just plain rude. I had great seats…didn’t expect that type of behavior to occur there. I have had several Cubs fans tell me that when THEY visit Stl, we are much nicer to them. Funny. One, would think that the player’s would be ashamed of fans like that????

  15. secondchanceatlife said:

    It’s the national media that has given STL the title of best fans in the game. This is their experience after traveling the country and visiting all of the ball parks. Every time I’ve heard that title mentioned it was followed with the explanation that their fans are more knowledgeable of the game, it’s rules and traditions.

    P.S. Chicago has a good baseball team. It’s call the White Sox

  16. JACKIE said:

    St. Louis is a great city! The people are intelligent and friendly, the Cardinals are a fantastic team, and the fans are the best! Chicago has been jealous and bitter for so long and it’s so ignorant to write “the Cardinals haven’t won a World Series Championship in almost a decade’ when the cubs haven’t won since 1908 WOW!!! long time, ha ha AND they haven’t even appeared in a series since 1945!! ALL CUBS FANS ARE JEALOUS AND SERIOUSLY ENVIOUS OF THE GREAT AND MIGHTY CARDINALS B/C YOU WILL NEVER HAVE WHAT WE HAVE; A GOOD TEAM, A GOOD CITY, A NICE LIST A CHAMPIONSHIPS, AND A GOOD FAN BASE-WAIT…I MEAN THE BEST FAN BASE!

    • FischFace said:

      we thank GOD you are not either!

    • St. Louis Sucks said:

      Cubs fans are jealous AND envious? Wow, it’s almost like your reply was superfluous AND redundant. Guess the people of St. Louis aren’t so intelligent after all.

    • 2011 WS what a JOKE said:

      Jackie. Is that your name? Go fuck yourself Jackie. Go fuck yourself unconcscious. Maybe you wont come back? Hopefully.

      • ClassicS said:

        You’re such an asshole, dude. Fuck off

  17. JACKIE said:


  18. Baseball aside…You can’t even put stl in the same category as Chicago. It’s one of the greatest fucking cities in America. It’s one of the most culturally diverse places you’ll ever find. Rated “The Best Sports City in the U.S.” in 2006. Take Chicago off the map and then lets see how our economy does?..We fucking support this country! What the hell does stl bring to the table? Beer? DUIs? Violence? Nelly(what a fucking joke), Meth(the State)? The most racism i’ve ever experienced?!….Yeah, what a great city! I thought maybe your genius of a coach would have learned after the death of Hancock??..Guess not?..Honestly, what does it take to not get behind the wheel after throwin’ back some overrated AB products?..
    And to say you guys are the best fans is a fucking joke..I go to mizzou and i’ve never met so many inconsiderate assholes in my life! You d-bags need to get off your high horses and realize what kind of people you actually are!

    ..And for the idiots who say chicago’s ladies are ugly, maybe if you inbred fucks weren’t so easily distracted by our first class architecture, you would realize that The Chi has some of the sexiest women in the mid-west!

    ..NY, LA, Chi-town. The Big 3!..There is a reason you never hear anything about your tiny little city! KNOWBODY CARES ABOUT YOU..YOUR WORTHLESS!

    ..Self-proclaimed as “the gateway to the west”…Bullshit!
    ..More like “Emergency exit to the east”!!

    • Robert said:

      Chicago doesn’t have racism? Read what Martin Luther King said about it after holding a march there in 1966: “The people of Mississippi should come to Chicago to learn how to hate.” Not saying stl. doesn’t have racisn, but Chicago is in NO position to preach to ANYONE about race issues.

  19. i love the cubs, but you're retarded said:

    i’m a cub fan, and you make some excellent points… but when you say cards fans can’t read, yet make numerous spelling errors and grammatical errors… you look like a jackass

  20. Stephanie said:

    Dude, I like your post. I am a Chicagoan and I think that it sucks that people from St Louis have left such nasty things on your page. I mean, “go fuck yourself and Chicago sucks?” Its okay to love your city but at the sake of bashing another. Thats prejudice. I live near STL now and it honestly is quite annoying that the only thing people from STL have to talk about is the Cardinals. The minute you tell someone you are from Chicago, the minute the questions flood in. “You aren’t a Cubs fan are you?” I am thinking who really cares? I don’t go around asking people if they are Orlando Magic or Utah Jazz fans because I am a Bull fan. I mean, I find it sad that STL has nothing better todo than to come up with clever quips about the Cubs. Rivalries are cute to an extent but when it determines how you feel about another person, it has gotten out of control. I honestly think it is big brother little brother syndrome. I am glad that STL root-roots for the hometeam but they are slightly obnoxious and annoying. I just STL citizens had more to discuss than the Cardinals because it does leave a bad impression on me when that’s the first thin that comes out of someone’s mouth because I am from Chicago. We have a poor baseball team, okay. Life goes on.

  21. Chris said:

    I totally agree with your of STL. I have lived in Chicago for 20 yrs and am now currently living in STL for the last 20. Cardinal fans are arrogant and egotistical and have no class. A few years ago I went to see a game at Busch and there was a couple with three children – two boys, one wearing a Cards hat and the other a Baltimore hat, and one girl, who was wearing a Cubs hat. The girl couldn’t have been more than 10 yrs old. Anyway there was a group of Cards fans sitting behind this family and they were relentlessly teasing the young girl because she was wearing a Cubs hat. They teased her so much that she eventually cried. Everybody around them was listening to what was being said to the little girl and no one came to her defense. Everyone instead started laughing. It got so bad the couple had to get the usher to complain but they wouldn’t do anything either. Im not saying Cubs fans are perfect but Holy Sh$t. I’ve always considered STL as the ‘red-headed’ step child of MLB – they feel they never get their due and they can’t stand it when another city’s team is in the spotlight. If you mention how great a player Ted Williams was, a Card fan would say “Well…what about Stan Musial?” When people talk about the New York Yankees, the most storied team in baseball, STL fans say “Well….what about us?” And this bu!!sh$t about STL fans being the best fans in baseball, give me an f’ing break. I think its been proven that the Cubs have better, more devote fans than the Cards. As they like to remind us, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over 100 yrs. Yes thats right, we havent….and we still pack Wrigley Field in at every game. I guarantee that if the Cards ever have back to back losing seasons, they will become the Las Vegas Cardinals.

    • FischFace said:

      why didn’t you stand up for the girl?

  22. Charles said:

    What u people in St. Louis don’t understand is that the sox are our real rival. Most of us real Cub fans could give a shit about the cards or their inbred fans they are just another team in our division like the reds or the pirates. St. Louis is a little market the series in 06 was one of the least watched WS of all time no one gives a fuck about the cards.

    • Robert said:

      And yet they outdraw the Cubs year in and year out.

    • Robert said:

      And Wrigley Field is overrated

  23. Teddy said:

    This is a fucking joke right? Cubs are garbage. Tell Sosa to put the cork
    back on the wine bottle…

  24. andy said:

    I am from Chicago and must say that the cubs really
    are fucking shit. Pathetic pussies. They choke on cock every season.

  25. Dan said:

    Fuck the cubs

    • Bob said:

      Fuck the Cards

  26. Hugh P said:

    How many rings in the last 102 years? Oh yeah…0!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck the cubs. COMPLETLY USELESS BY SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!

    • Jay said:

      More like completely useless by April…. My favorite part of Chicago in the spring is Cubs draft talk. That said, I do admire 100 plus years of being a fan of ummm nothing. The Cards and Giants are by far the best run clubs in baseball. They keep the best value for their money, they have the best fans, and neither one of them ever hire Don Baylor to be the manager. The reason the cubs are such a shit team is because their farm system is shit. The driving force behind that, of course, is every bonehead in the front office. There isn’t one baseball mind in the lot, because if there was, someone would fix that shit. I really don’t get it. You should have gone after Rams fans. Now theres an ignorant bunch. The Hawks and Blues fans about equal but the Cards everything is better than the Cubs anything. I admire all this enthusiasm, but all y’all cub fans need to get your heads and your asses wired together.
      One last thing, I agree that TLR is a frustrating to watch and a huge pain in the ass. That said, I dont mind 5 pitching changes in one inning because its not about winning, especially against the cubs. As part of Cardinal nation, I already know the Cards are going to beat the cubs because we are just a better all around team than y’all are. Itsabout how badly we cant beat you. Rarely, is it acceptable to only beat the cubs by a run or two. Occasionally, Im down for a 1 to nothing game as long as we take out the catcher or send someone off the field on a stretcher. Seriously, that puts a smile on my face. I feel for the guy’s wife and kids, but on the other hand, he had i coming for playing for the cubs. In St. Louis we have, “punch a wings or hawks fan in the face” day anytime we play either. I move that we add the cubs fans to that list.

  27. Bill said:

    Cards own cubs

  28. Eric said:

    You’re a dumbass

  29. FischFace said:

    I am from Southern Illinois and from what is considered Cardinal Territory but I am a CUBS fan through and through. I don’t believe that St Louis is a horrible town where people only drink and watch baseball but I do however HATE Cardinal fans. Being from ILLINOIS which is only 2 hours away from Busch stadium I feel that the fans are just lazy people who would rather drive 2 hours to root for a team in another state than to support a team from the one they actually live in. Yes, the Cubs have had some really bad seasons and haven’t won a series in over 100 years, but I think it shows more appreciation for the team that they know you will be there regardless of their track record. And speaking of that track record; the CUBS BEAT the cards 7/10 times they play each other!! But they always come back with the “well, at least we have a winning season or won a series”. Who cares if you can’t beat the team they consider “the worst”? I recently moved to Chicago and can not wait for my first game!!!

  30. pankakes said:

    There are a million reasons to hate the Cardinals. I don’t like the Cubs either, but I hate the Cardinals.

  31. Garrett said:

    I did not read any facts that held water. I could blow a hole in every argument you had…very poor argument…CUBS FAN!!!!!

  32. Mark D said:

    There is no way anyone here can hate the Cardinals more than me. I am a Tigers and Cubs fan. I don’t have anything against Jewish people until I recently really got to know one. I highly recommend it. Very shrewd making money and things more important than people, yet putting on an unnatural act of caring for people. Larussa has to be Jewish. I can’t stand his kick and scratch approach to baseball, putting in a new reliever after every batter. Blowing up in anger at his own teammates for screwing up. The Phillies need to END him.

  33. Brad said:

    Ok so ever cardinal fan is an inbred and illiterate? And yet anytime anyone says anything about the cubs you all go crazy whatever. Eve in the post you use foul language about cards fans. One yes the greatest fans title is bull but that’s not a title we gave ourselves and a ew city gets it every year so greatest sports town 06 is the same thing. I totally agree that Illinois people should like Illinois teams. When you buy cubs or sox merchandise you support your state. I was born and raised in Missouri, this supposed inbred state so I am a cards fan. FYI the only state where marrying yourfirst cousin is legal is Louisiana in case you were interested since that’s all you want to talk about.

  34. Steve Bartman said:

    I love when a Cubs fan yells out in public, “Cardinals Suck!” Usually, all I have to say is, “Dude, your 12 games back.” Then they lower their head in shame and sulk. The cubs fans that talk shit are usually d-bags that truly are not aware that the cubs are terrible at baseball. They only go to wrigley field because they like to sword-fight in trough urinals and look at each other’s tiny dicks. Why not just hang out in Boy’s Town? Here’s to another 100 years of losing! You fucking suck, your fans are d-bags (who literally cause you to lose) and no matter how much money you spend you will never be as good as the cardinals.

    • Bob said:

      And the Cardinals suck foot-long DICK so if thats the aim then the future isnt too bright

      • ClassicS said:

        Fans like you don’t deserve the attention I’m giving you now. Pathetic, just pathetic.

  35. Mavis said:

    I hope Tony LaRussa gets shingles again.

  36. ClassicS said:

    Quit being such a butt-hurt Cubs fan. You wouldn’t be so bitter if the Cubs actually won a WS or two. It’s no ones fault your team is the joke of American baseball. Go Cards, WS 2011

  37. Catherine said:

    I lost respect toward the beginning when you spelled “hear” wrong (“here”).

  38. jon r said:

    Cuz the cardinals, tony la russa and joe buck are a bunch of cry tits that bitch and complain if they aren’t winning. Example la russa complaining about the lighting at miller park…… shut the fuck up and quit your bitching! If the lights are too bright put some fucking sunglasses on. If the lights aren’t bright enough take em off! What id like to know is how the hell you can make light bulbs brighter and dimmer in between at bats? Not like miller park has a giant dimmer switch!!!

    • ClassicS said:

      Waaa Waaa way to find an excuse to hate the Cardinals for what one man said. Maybe if your team won a World Series or two you’d have room to talk. 11 in ’11

  39. MJBII said:

    I recenty played in a softball game and I always wear my Cardinals shirt in games that I play in. As I’m up to bat, this lowly Cubs fan (with a Cubs shirt on) shouts out ” Pujols sucks!”. Before I took a swing i turned to him and said ” You can’t even make that comment with a straigth face” , blasted a two run triple and reminded him as I stood on third that the Cubs were 10 games back already. I say all that to say this. Don’t talk trash when your team has done nada in past past century plus (LAUGH). FACT: The last time the Cubs won a World Series Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States and there has since been 18 other Presidents elected to office since that time and going on number 19. Fact: The price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was between 18 – 20 cent. Fact: Between the Cards/Cubs rivalry the Cubs lead the series 1092 to 1049. My whole point is junior BRING FACTS NOT FICTION!!! GO CARDS

  40. Andrew said:

    Sorry. Sorry the Cubbies can’t even buy their way into the postseason. Now us Cardinals fans have started to distance themselves from our spirited rivalry, and have turned our attention to teams in the Central that present some sort of a challenge. Yeah, we’re drunken trailer dwellers, and we’re illiterate. Way to make an intelligent case from stereotypes, what a well-crafted cutting remark. I could write circles around you, if I was so narcissistic to think that writing a bitchy little statement on the web was such a groundbreaking effort that the world would take notice. I only got here because I searched “I hate the Cardinals” to see how many jealous fans were coming out of the woodwork to gripe about our winning team, and surprise, found one from when we won in ’06, a whiny fan of a perennial loser. I put my allegiance to the “rivalry” aside in ’03, and I was actually sad to see them lose. I wish the Cubs would win, the joke isn’t funny anymore, so many Cubs fans have been born and have died without seeing a winner. End the heartache… end the whining about a team that can win… 11 times, heh. No one doubts your committment, but people like you make us chuckle.

  41. Drummer said:

    I FULLY agree about the fans. I lived in St. Louis for 10 years. During the offseason after they beat Detroit to become World Series Champions, the self proclaimed “best fans in baseball” complained CONSTANTLY about the team being cheap and not caring about winning because the Cardinals weren’t particularly aggresive in free agency during that offseason. Well DUH!!!! They were the reigning world champions, which by default, means they were pretty damn good!! It never occurred to Cardinals fans that maybe, just maybe the Cardinals didn’t have a lot of holes to fill and therefore didn’t need to go out and overpay for every big name free agent out there!!!

    I suppose part of the problem is the citizens of St. Louis are delusional to begin with. They feel like StL is the farthest west of the “great eastern cities” like Chicago. That’s right, they actually think StL even ranks with Chicago!!! In reality, StL is MUCH closer in size to Kansas City. Unfortunately for StL, Kansas City is a MUCH nicer city. A LOT of StL looks like Detroit or a third world country. While East St. Louis is famous for being a bad neighborhood, (it is) it isn’t even the worst part of town. North St. Louis will give ANY bad area a run for the lead in number of daily murders. Washington Park really DOES look like a war zone. There ARE some excellent strip clubs on the east side though, especially in Sauget. Now, the Arch IS pretty cool. They also have a good Zoo, and the Botanical gardens are beautiful. Grant’s farm is pretty cool as well. Too bad there isn’t much else worth mentioning.

    All of that brings us to the fact that St. Louis IS a small market, they just don’t know that it is. Since the Cardinals ARE successful, they do sell a lot of tickets, merchandise, etc. That does allow them to have a pretty healthy payroll, especially considering that it is a tiny television market compared to New York, LA, Chicago, Houston, or Dallas. But since the people who live there are delusional about what St. Louis really is, and where it stands compared to the truly big eastern cities, they are dumb enough to believe that the Cardinals should be able to keep pace with the Cubs, Astros, Angels, Dodgers, etc when it comes to payroll when they simply can’t. With that said, I still can’t see how Cardinals fans can possibly be the best in baseball when they can’t even be happy enough with a team who’s success is only surpassed by the Yankees to give that team the benefit of the doubt…. Especially when the players are wearing shiny new rings!!

    • CardinalsGirl said:

      Do you live in the city? Most “St. Louisans” rarely go downtown. And, ever heard of the City Museum? Crown Candy Kitchen? The Fox Theatre? The Basillica, the Art Museum, or even the Riverfront during the summer? It sounds like you don’t get out much… There is a TON of stuff to do in St. Louis that’s great.

      And we take baseball seriously here, ever considered that for some, maybe 2nd best isn’t good enough? Now, I’m not saying that all of the fans are like that, but my point is that we talk like we do because, yeah, we have a good team, but we strive for the best.

      Even though you live here, you really aren’t doing much living or getting out. Go do some stuff!

  42. lolcatz said:

    St. Louis blows – they embrace ricewater beer (look it up – Bud is brewed with rice, even Milwaukee pisswater uses real beer ingredients) and phony cheese pizza (they have this shit called Provel cheese, which is basically like white velveeta, I’ve had better pizza in NYC). It’s also the most racist and segregated place I’ve ever seen – so much white flight it makes 1940’s Birmingham look like a beacon of racial tolerance and cooperation. The whole town is a joke. And yes, the fans are the worst fans I’ve ever seen. I’ve been treated better as a Bears fan in Green Bay than as a Cubs fan in St. Louis. Funny thing is, the rivalry is entirely one sided – as previously mentioned, the Cubs are more in competition with the Sox than the Cards.

    • CardinalsGirl said:

      Yep, we’re really segregated. Look at the racial demographics map on Wikipedia and there is pretty much a LINE drawn. But we’re talking about baseball, right?

  43. Errrtom said:

    We own October, nuff said

    • NYYPhil777 said:

      You won’t own October this year… period.

  44. MJBII said:

    I pray that if the Cards don’t make the playoffs and the Cubs do, I hope the Cubs win the World Series so their fans can stop crying. To prove to you that the Cards are a great organization answer me this question. How many ex Cubs players hang around the organization and the city after their playing days are over, as compared to the Cardinals? My reason for asking this is simple. Former players associate themselves with organizations and cities that treated them respectfully. I’m willing to bet that the Cubs organization darn near has to pay Ernie Banks to show up for an appearance at an of their functions. In STL on a game day it’s nothing to run into Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Jim Edmonds, Milt Thompson or Tom Pagnozzi. I can go on and on with a list of players. To a man they all say why they hang around the organization is because the city and hte fans made/make them feel at home as if they never stopped playing for the team. If you championship grubby Cubs fans treated your players like people instead of property you might get sme production out of them and win for a change. OK, my Cards and I are done trashing you guys, we have a World Series Championship to go and defend. PEACE

  45. Fansince1979-80 said:

    I am a Kansas City Royals fan. Supposedly,our rivalry with the cardinals is “friendly”,but I recall as a student at the University of Kansas at least a few Redburds fans who were WAY less than gracious about their rivals,bitching endlessly about the 1985 World Series and one even wondering aloud why the Kansas City Star DIDN’T have Cards scores and results BEFORE Royals results. The dipshit basically was trying to pick a fight,but it does bear stating:Cards fans REALLY have an exaggerated sense of how important and beloved they really are.
    Here’s my philosophy:if the Royals weren’t around,I’d become a full-time Cubs fan. If the Cubs weren’t around,I’d seriously consider forsaking baseball altogether. ANYONE but the Cards(I’d take the Mets or Yankees even)! GO ROYALS!!

  46. CardinalsGirl said:

    1- Most Saint Louisans can, in fact, READ. just because we have horrendous public schools doesn’t mean everyone goes to them. Last
    I checked, more students in grades Pre-K through 12 go to private schools in the Greater St. Louis area.

    2- NOBODY goes out with their first cousin (that’s rural mid-“Mizzurah” for you) and NOBODY takes a date to a bowling alley. My first job was being the shoe renter person there, and I never saw people under the age of 55 unless it was a girl scouts group. When we go on dates, we go to good restraunts that are about $30-45 a meal.

    3- Not very many people actually like(d) Albert Pujols as a player. We liked him for the publicity and $$. Yes, I’m admitting that we’re that shallow when we want to be.

    4- If you ask any “St. Louisan” where they are from, chances are it isn’t actually Saint Louis CITY. Most of them will say there are four reasons they go to the city: sporting events, employment by a large company, classic St. Louis restraunts (Crown Candy, Mike Shannon’s, Helen Fitzgerald’s) and entertainment (Fox Theatre, City Museum, etc.)
    Most people live in the ‘burbs and have plenty of money and schooling.

    5- We aren’t crappy, conceited people like you say. If we are, why were we voted the most generous city for both monetary donations AND time volunteered?

  47. G said:

    I agree. I hate the St. Louis Cardinals because I was born & raised in St. Louis and have to listen to all kinds of loser fanboys get moist over bases-ball year after year. It is dreadful living in a town with any active sportsball team, but even worse when the team occasionally does well and prolongs the torturous season. I certainly wish our team would take a 100+ year break from a “world” series championship as the cubs have.

    It’s insulting and reprehensible that our incomes are taxed to construct the stadiums, and despite the fact you vote against its construction, if you refuse to buy in you breaking the law.

    The only gripe I would pick with the general idea of this article is that you shouldn’t hate one team. Hate the sport. It is the most godawful boring public display there ever could be, but moreover, hate the imbecilic reprobates that financially support bases-ball and give it their attention.

  48. Every organization has fans that are true dipshits. You’re obviously one of the dipshit Cubs fans. I agreed with you all the way up until you started listing petty shit about the Cards. I love how uneducated fools like yourself bash the city and fans despite never being to the city or being to caught up in a rivalry to show any sort respect for it. The level-headed people, unlike yourself, who come to the city wind up enjoying their stay and if they don’t respect the culture of the city. I’ve been to Chicago and I loved it. If I didn’t live in StL I would probably live in or near Chicago. Listen i enjoy a good rivalry, but don’t call people, as the majority, hicks from one person you’ve met. There are a lot of hicks in Chicago to every city has it’s demons. Quit being a jealous prick and enjoy the rivalry.

  49. mlbx2 said:

    oh my. another World Series trip for St. Louis…

    Yeah, we suck…at being Cubs-level bad.

  50. bahahahhaha said:

    hahha right… useless by september, that being the cubs. #1 pitcher #1 catcher and some big hitters, not to mention all the rookies and they are sill up on top with the best. and i dont agree, hating a team being as americana as it can be.. i love the cards.. also love miami, pittsburgh, and cincinatti.. and why do u hate on all these people… like tony and albert.. who have made millions more than you and wouldnt even care about your opinion. the redbirds have hands down the best fan base. not to mention all the people like you who talk like this about the cards, i will bet its because you were disapointed at a game they won. long live cards love ya!

  51. TheOriginalTuhat said:

    Saint Louis fan here,

    To start off, everything you said was completely right.

    LaRussa is a moron. Almost as bad as Matheny, but he has the gall to think he’s some kind of legendary manager. Uh, no.

    I believe we’re labeled the “best fans in baseball” because of how much we love our team. We love the Cards so much, we completely ignore the Rams and the Blues. Completely. 90% of our sports reports are about the Cards. Does it make us right? Nope. Does it make most of us d-bags? Probably.

    I’m not sour about the article, I thought it was pretty funny. Gave me a couple good laughs. 🙂

  52. Bryan milliken said:

    fuck the cardinals!!

    • Bryan milliken said:

      GO CUBS..IF THEY HIT RIZZO AGAIN, I VOTE FOR A BENCH CLEARING BRAWL..KRIS BRYAnt..would. make matt carpenter his bitch

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