Daily Archives: December 12, 2006


…is amazing. In case you weren’t watching last night…he decided to run a kick back…when the Bears had the hands team on the field. Aside from that, his return in the first quarter changed the course of that game after the Rams went up 6-0.

The man is doing shout outs to DEION. Anytime you kick the ball to Devin Hester, he has a shot at taking it back to the end zone. He has 6 kick returns this season and he just recently got put in at returning kickoffs. Why? Not quite sure, but it definitely should have happened sooner.

Also, do not call this man Devon. Frankly, the only people that make that mistake are people who pretend to transfer law schools, but really, they dropped out of law school because they drink 80 cups of coffee during finals week and do not like that they got a couple Bs to go with their As so they high tail it back to Georgia, do not have a TV so they listen to Devin Hester on the radio and while it still sounds badass, it’s not quite AS badass obviously.

By the way, Yahoo!, can you please make Devin Hester available for me to pick up in fantasy football?