Are you kidding me?

Boise State was not supposed to be here…in the BCS…with the big boys. But yet there they were…and they were competitive…and then they made one mistake with less than two minutes to go that should have finished them. This is a team that wasn’t given much of a shot to begin with, played a fairy-tale game…then in a matter of an instant were placed on the Gallows, but unlike you know who…THEY DID NOT DIE.

Boise State got up 14-0 on Oklahoma…shocking, right? Not so shocking was Oklahoma chipping away at this thing. Boise State had some struggles at times in this game, no doubt, but the play that turned it for Oklahoma to get back in was Boise’s only turnover until two minutes to go in the game…and it was a flukey punt bounce hitting off a Boise player.

When Oklahoma scored and had to get the 2-point conversion to have Overtime…I somewhat wanted that. I’m not really sure why. After Penn State, I think I was rooting for Boise the most this Bowl Season. I really wanted to see them win, but I also wanted to see overtime and for them to respond, and not just back into a win. Certainly they played valiant to that point and it wouldn’t quite be backing in, I can’t explain it, I wanted to see Oklahoma draw even, just to see what would happen.

Then…Jared Zabransky threw a pass that normally closes out a highlight reel on Sportscenter. Pick six, put the final box down in the corner, 35-28. Little guy played a hell of a game, but Oklahoma put them on the information.

But, uh, Boise State was not told that noise.

Boise State threw a ball down the field, got across midfield, then got sacked, then faced a 4th and 18. And they called a play and executed a play that will not soon be forgotten. Someone get this on Youtube by the time I get done typing this. Toss over the middle, the red line is about three yards away…my first instinct as a fan, I hope he gets there…WHAT…he just pitched it to a guy going the other way…thirty yards later and an un-Bengal extra point and we’re going to OVERTIME…at this point, this game is unreal.

So, they go to Overtime. Ok. Adrian Peterson. Thanks for coming, 25 yards…hello end zone. This thing HAS to come down to a 4th and short…right? Of course.

So, they have to put a receiver in at QB and spread out Zabransky…right? Of course…wait…WHAT?! And he takes it to the right, might run it, nope, pass over the top, touchdown. Double OT? Uh…no. Two point conversion. This is apparently how they do in the northwest. Kiss their ass Mike Riley, how’s overtime for some one-upsmanship?

So they do this play, something like three wide receivers on the right. Zabransky, well, he fakes the throw to the right and the initial reaction in my head (who am I kidding, I said this to television) was, a screen holy shit, please get in…do not go Kevin Dyson on my ass. That would have been poetic. Just shy on a two point conversion.


Zabransky doesn’t turn, but his left hand is at his side…BALL BEHIND HIM…Johnson grabs it…runs into the end zone…throws the ball in the end zone (thankfully he did not ruin this with a jumpshot) and Boise State…you know it’s coming…but wait for it…you know the words that are coming, but let them sink in. Because, really, nothing I write can come close to taking 3 seconds and clearing your mind of everything…setting everything still and just thinking about what this team just accomplished…where was I? Oh yeah…Boise State WINS.

The rest of this (hell, maybe all of this) is just rambling about the sheer awesomeness of what just happened. I do not guarantee cohesiveness, clarity or anything aside from HOLY CRAP BOISE STATE JUST WON ON A TWO POINT CONVERSION IN OT…

From Jared Zabransky…

“It would have been easy to give up on us with a minute left, but we had a lot of magic left,”

And it would have been easy for YOU to give up. Thank you for not giving up, however. But, they could have. Had they lost, would anyone have badmouthed the Broncos? Doubtful. They impressed a lot of people before that INT, but, as we would find out, that was only scratching the surface.
Zabransky and running back Ian Johnson said two completely different things after this one when it comes to the National Title. Zabransky said they deserve a shot at the National Title. Ian Johnson said they were content just to bring us this awesomeness.

I’d love to see Boise against the Buckeyes. If Florida wins…well damn…that’s when the chaos starts, because Boise beat everyone in front of them. Weaker schedule certainly, but undefeated v. one loss? Interesting. I’ve never been, but now? Now, I’m fully on board for a playoff. That might change, but Boise just created a WHAT IF that I someday want to see answered just for the hell of it.

As for Boise…I wrote a preview about Boise and I basically talked about how their offense was awesome, consistent, but they needed defense…I certainly don’t know how much they’ve improved mentally on defense. I’d like to sit here and say that I previewed this team because I saw this coming…but, yeah…right…I wrote that preview because they have a blue field. I had zero idea this was coming.

Anyway, I might wake up tomorrow and go “oh, yeah, this game is better, that game was better”, but for NOW, that was the greatest bowl game I’ve ever seen.

  1. arleen said:

    i agree – best game ive ever seen. it was amazing that boise hung in after that interception and drove down the field. 4th and 16 with the hook and ladder – come on!!! i dont totally follow the cinderella story though – wasnt boise rated higher than ou going into this game. and they were/are undefeated.

  2. Boise was rated higher in the BCS, but the human polls had Oklahoma ahead of Boise. Boise was ahead of Oklahoma because they were undefeated and Oklahoma had 2 losses. Boise was the Champions of the WAC and Oklahoma the champions of the Big 12. Oklahoma has decades of college football prominence, Boise is a program trying to establish themselves. The talk going in was that Oklahoma was bigger, stronger, faster…everything you expect out of the champions from a power conference. Oklahoma recruits the best in the Nation. Boise’s recruiting is getting better and better from what I understand, but they are nowhere near the level of what Oklahoma has available to them.

    The only other small conference school in the BCS was Utah a few years ago and they played a game against an atrocious Pitt team that was only there because the Big East was actually a weaker Conference than the Mountain West that year, but they had the BCS tie-in.

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