So, the Dolphin folk seem bitter today…

”He has run away from the challenge,” Shula told the Miami Herald. ”It’s unbelievable. There were four or five direct statements that were blatant lies. That tells you a little bit about the guy.”

And it also tells you that Shula is bitter as hell.

God forbid a guy, who by many accounts did not even want to go to pro football and only did so when the offer was one he couldn’t refuse and was persistently talked into, goes to a place for two years…WINS MORE GAMES THAN HE SHOULD HAVE, puts a team in a position to compete now and clears salary cap space.

The Saban bashing is a joke. He’s not loyal, he’s running away from a challenge. Yeah, the hell with that.

If you’re going to rip Saban, rip him for what he should be ripped for. Left too quickly, ok, but don’t say that he left because he wanted to run from a challenge. He left for Alabama. Not exactly a walk in the park. You would think that Don SHULA of all people would know that. But, hey, if I was a Hall of Fame coach with my own steakhouses I don’t think I would let my son, who couldn’t beat Auburn, speak at family gatherings either.

Alabama is a challenge. So, he’s running from a challenge to a challenge. One challenge, many say, he only did in the first place because of money and because he was wooed by Wayne Huizenga, and the other a challenge that Saban has made it clear in the past that he loves. Please. To rip him by saying that he is running away from a challenge does not show Saban’s character flaws, it shows Shula’s flaws.

From there, you’ve got the folks saying that Saban is a liar and all of that nonsense. Yeah, because honesty works so well in these situations. Is that why if I had 10mill I could sign Jim Mora Jr. to stand over my shoulder and call plays for me on the playstation?

Mora was honest and then he had to quickly backtrack from that with some lameass excuse about joking about the situation. If Saban hadn’t “lied” in this situation, then he may have wound up like Mora. Sure, he may have ended at Alabama and he might have wanted Bamaall along, but the dollars would have been less and the Dolphins would have forced his decision in the whole thing. By being less than honest, Saban managed to keep all of his options available to him.

What does that say about his character? That the man is smart and knows how to think through a situation without blowing it. Honesty? Please. Sometimes honest just gets in the way of things. What the hell would have happened if Jack Bauer said to Christopher Henderson, “Yeah, uh, help me stop Bierko from launching the missiles from the submarine because you are the only one that knows how to do it, but I’m going to kill you.” Henderson would have sat there in CTU holding not giving a damn as if he were Charles Oakley and the missiles would have GONE OFF. If Saban would have been honest, he’d be less rich, wouldn’t have been able to choose his own adventure and the Dolphins would be exactly where they are right now. Tell me again why what Saban did was wrong?

Saban’s track record is one of going to a place and leaving them better than when he got there. Michigan State was left in a better position of potential and better recruits. When Saban took over, the program was being investigated by the NCAA. He righted the ship and left them after a damn good season that saw them in the top 10. They’ve since managed to mess things up, but you can’t blame Saban for that. He went to an LSU team in the midst of a slide. Won some SEC Titles and a National Championship. Left that program in great shape and they have been solid the two seasons without Saban. He came to a wreck of a Dolphins team and won more games than he should have and they have more cap flexibility now than they had before.

It’s not as if Saban has a track record of departing programs on a whim. He spent 5 years at MSU and LSU and made them both BETTER. He cut the Dolphins short, but so what? The money was there and he got to go back to college. He lied so that he could make the decision. And Alabama is certainly challenging. Seems simple.

If he does this again to Bama in two years, OK, you’re beginning to make an argument. But, not yet.

  1. Kevin said:

    Doug, I do like the post and I agree. I just wanted to point out that something you said rings truer than everything else – if Jack Bauer would have asked Oak to help him stop the missle launch, Oak would NOT have given a FUCK. In fact he probably would have eaten Bauer’s lunch right in front of him.

  2. arleen said:

    i agree! why would saban NOT leave. hes being guaranteed 32 million dollars no matter what he does…he be a fool not to leave. you never know in the pros when youre going to get fired and there is no guaranteed money.

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