NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

First, let me make it completely clear that these are by no means LOCKS or anything of that nature. I try not to make specific predictions a lot, mainly because I could care less about being correct about what I’m talking about. I’m going to run my mouth, tell you what I think, make my arguments and be wrong a lot. That’s fine, I’m holding myself out to be no better than anyone else. Predictions are completely different because they are so easily to tabulate and  results are pretty much instant.  Plus, we tried that once on this blog and Lancer did, well, terrible.

That being said, I once went 11-0 on NFL Playoff predictions against the spread. Ran the table from wild card to Super Bowl. The snag? Did it on some messageboard with not much fanfare, and more to the point…NO MONEY INVOLVED.  Which some might say means that the run did not count, still, it was on my resume for a couple of months nonetheless.

So, if you another Predictions post out of me next week, you’ll know I went 4-0. If it doesn’t show up, don’t be surprised.

My winners in bold, Sir Gilbert style with the lead in…

Hibachi…INDIANAPOLIS 7 over Kansas City (4:30 PM ET)
Weber Q120 Gas Grill…SEATTLE 3 over Dallas (8:00 PM ET)

Sunday, January 7:

Old School Charcoal…NEW ENGLAND 8.5 over N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM ET)
Rotisserie…PHILADELPHIA 7 over N.Y. Giants (4:30 PM ET)

For more on the reasoning, click it…

Indy and the Chiefs would be the one I’m least comfortable with. That spread is big, but, uh, if Indy wins the game outright, they probably cover it. However, I don’t think Indy wins this game. First off, it sounds like a ton of people are picking Indy based only on a lot of people sleeping on Indy and Peyton.  Well, there’s a reason for that. The Colts aren’t a particularly good team this season, the defense is a Colts defense and the offense is same as it ever was. Except that I have even less confidence in that team scoring a touchdown on a long drive when they need it.

The Chiefs backed into the playoffs, but are a good team for a team that backed into the playoffs. I like good teams that back into the playoffs. As you’ll notice from the picks, I don’t like Dallas or the Giants. They are bad teams that backed into the playoffs. The Chiefs are a good team that thought they were going to be dominant when Trent Green came back. It wasn’t that simple, so they stumbled a little bit.

Seattle and Dallas should be a dreadful game, but Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck have done this thing a bit.  I don’t give a damn about this game, really. The Seahawks aren’t all that good, the Cowboys aren’t that good. Yet here they are. That’s the NFC and we just have to live with it.

The sunday games are both divisional games. I hate divisional playoff games because there is so much damn familiarity between the teams. I know the Giants have their post-season song ready to go, but I think Tiki’s huge game against the Redskins kind of said to the world, “I’m out, bitches” and he has mentally prepared himself for Brian Dawkins and the boys knocking him around a bit. Who has Eli Manning? Oh, the Giants, yeah, I pick the Eagles.

In the other game, I like the Pats to win, but not by whatever the spread is. Then again, the Jets ain’t good. The problem with the Jets is that they are the only team of the 12 in the playoffs that don’t belong. Are they better than Seattle, New York Giants, Dallas? Sure, but we can explain those teams by writing off the NFC. The AFC we can’t write off and yet here the Jets are…in the playoffs having beat one team over .500? I didn’t even realize that could happen.

Also, just because you can formulate a word like “mangenius” out of Jets coach Eric Mangini does not mean you should say it. A Google search of “mangenius Jets” should pull no more football related returns than “manasshole Jets”. I never even got the memo on Mangini being a GOOD coach, yet now he’s someone who can play chess with Belichick? I really want to pick the Pats to cover, just like I’ve got the Eagles covering, but the thing is, I’m going for broke here. 4-0 or nothing. Everything I know about the way football works tells me that of two divisional playoff matchups…one of them is going to be close and I’m thinking the Jets have a better shot at keeping it close.

There it is. I’m not placing any damn cash on these myself, so if you’re wondering if you should run to your bookie with this information now in hand, keep that in mind.

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