David Beckham coming to MLS is not all that surprising…that MLS has the capability to add a 0 to the dollar amount on a 5 year/25million dollar contract shocks the hell out of me. With 250mill over 5 years, can’t they convince ESPN to…I don’t know…SUFFOCATE us with highlights? Pay ABC to show more games in better timeslots? PROMOTE THE SPORT?

Two Hundred and Fifty million damn dollars…the MLS had that?

As for what Beckham will do in MLS…

Who the hell knows. Probably play in a lot of games that people in America will not watch. This move probably makes MLS more popular Internationally and maintains the status quo of Americans not giving a damn. Is it worth 250 million just to have International sentiment towards the MLS go from…

“Well, I don’t know anything about the league, I hear it’s terrible” to “wow, that MLS sure is terrible.”

UPDATE: Some dude from MLS on these dollars…”That’s a separate deal. That’s his deal with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and 19 Entertainment. That’s not something we’re involved in.”

That is very good to know. Earlier today I pretty much assumed that the MLS folks knew the world was coming to an end in 5 years, so they felt like kicking around all their money.

  1. At this price, MLS could pay 50 million people, $50 to attend an MLS game. Let’s think about that for a second. Since 1996, only a little more than 28 million people have attended an MLS game. Over that same time period the average attendance at these games has been approximately 15,000 people. Its important to note that most of these soccer teams play in NFL stadiums that hold in the ballpark of between 56,000 and almost 80,000 in some cases. So they obviously have the capacity to add fans, and attendance has never reached the levels it had in 1996. So what is going to increase the fan base more? Adding ONE player that recently got kicked off his national team because he isn’t that good anymore, or allowing a fresh 50 million people to sample your product. Assuming that your product is something people will want to watch, I would tend to think that getting people over the hump and getting them in the door would be key to success in light of the American stigma against soccer. Unless of course my assumption that the product is something people want to watch is invalid, and that is frankly probably where I fall on the issue. All I know is that if this increases the number of French people coming here to watch soccer, I’m going to be pretty displeased.

  2. Joel Baughman said:

    Actually, you could pay 50 million people $5 each to attend a game. $50 bucks a head would take $2.5 Billion, but whatever. Also, Only a small portion of Beckham’s contract is for playing – $8 million is the figure I heard. The rest is all from promotional items – merchandise and the like.

  3. Kevin said:

    Oh shit Dotes, you just got served! Maybe you should check that movie out with Lance the next time he watches it (probably tomorrow either the noon or 7pm showing).

  4. Well, in that case, $5 certainly isn’t going to get me to watch that crap, and regardless of who is paying that much money for a soccer player is kind of ridiculous. And Morrow, umm, I’m not sure HOW you know the times that “You Got Served” is airing, but I didn’t need that information. So whatever kind of alerts you have set up, text or email, or whatever, you can keep that between you and Lance.

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