I Really Didn’t Want to Have to Say This, but. . . .

I fear I have no choice at this point.  THE HELL WITH KATRINA.  There, I said it, and you know what it feels GREAT.  I have been kind of avoiding ESPN’s NFL coverage since last Sunday because I knew that the feel good story of the year would be permeating the airwaves.  I really should have continued that policy, but for whatever reason I decided to check out the ESPN’s “expert” picks.  You can take a look for yourself, but I’ll save you the trouble.  NOT ONE OF THEM, NOT A SINGLE GOD DAMN ONE, THINK THE BEARS ARE GOING TO WIN THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!

Yes, the raggedy group consisted of mediocre ex professional football players and a couple of guys that obviously never played football have come to the consesus that the Saints will go marching into the Super Bowl.  Now, let me start by saying that the Saints have a very good chance of strolling into Soldier Field and winning the game.  But on the other hand, is it that unplausible that the Bears might win at home?  Not one person thinks the Bears defensive speed is the type of thing that can equalize Sean Payton’s play calling?   No one can foresee some combination of Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson running the ball down the Saints’ throat behind a pretty good offensive line?

That’s my real gripe, I suppose, that ESPN is sending the message that the Saints are so CLEARLY SUPERIOR that if they lose it would be a significant upset.  I know this sounds like a Bears fan whinning, and that’s probably at least partially true.  But if you grew up a Chicago sports fan, you would understand the consistent feeling that Chicago teams are an after thought on the national sports scene.  It seems that I’m not the only one, however, that thinks the Bears have a good shot on Sunday.  Last time I checked, the Vegas line was the Bears FAVORED by 2.5 points.

I realize that the Vegas line isn’t always the most accurate representation of how the game is going to come out, since it is designed to create betting.  What I can say about the Vegas line is that I usually prefer it in situations like this.  The Vegas oddsmakers do not care about the touchy feely warm feeling that is the New Orleans Saints.  I can’t say that same thing about our ESPN “experts”.  I don’t doubt that at least a couple of the “experts” thought the game might go either way, or even thought the Bears should be a slight favorite, but then thought to themselves “Screw it, that poor city just needs it more, and I want to look like I was supporting the feel good story.”  I suppose they figure that either they’ll be right and can say all along how smart they were, or they can be wrong and fall back on the “How can you root against the Saints?”

That is what I want my “expert” perdiction to be based on, warm, squishy feelings.  There is some sanity in the world however.  The Junior Senator from Illinois has already exclaimed that the FAIRY TALE IS OVER when the Saints come into Soldier Field.  I normally don’t agree with a lot of what Barrack Obama says, but on this we might as well be saying it with one voice.  Barrack had to stifle his message a little since he has some kind of election in a couple years he’s looking at, so I’m going to let you know what he WOULD have said if he could have.

“The HELL with Katrina.  All of Chicago felt for that city after the terrible events that took place, but that being said the Fairy Tale for New Orleans is OVER.  First of all, how long has it been? OVER A YEAR??? The way they make it sound it just happened yesterday.  And from what I hear things are still pretty bad down there, but hey at least they have football right.  Maybe they should spend more time patching roofs and getting running water back rather than cheering for a football team that none of them gave a damn about prior to Katrina. Hell, all of Chicago burned down once, but you didn’t hear us whining that the federal government didn’t do enough or demanding some debit cards. Wasn’t it enough that the NFL pulled a David Stern to get Reggie Bush down there?  Not that I would rather have him over Devin Hester anyway, but guess what, Patrick Ewing never won an NBA Title either.  You should be thanking the Chicago Bears after they destroy the Saints on Sunday.  Maybe once this nonesense is over you guys can focus on returning to civilization rather than latching on to your quite newfound love for the Aints.”

Or at least that is approximately what the Bears’ fan in Barrack would have liked to have said if he wasn’t a Democratic Presidential Candidate.  I point out Democratic because a Republican candidate might as well go ahead and say what he wants about New Orleans because he would have as much chance at getting votes down there as a side of hashbrowns would.   All I know is that however bad Katrina was for New Orleans, they should just be thankful that it didn’t come a little earlier in the hurricane season where it had the chance to be named HURRICANE DITKA.  Here’s hoping that it snows something fierce in Chicago on Sunday so the Saints can have ANOTHER storm to blame their plight on.  Prediction: Bears 24 Saints 17

  1. I rarely visit the ESPN website though I do watch Sportscenter at times but I am not positive that Da Bears can win either. I think that had not Harris went down, there would be no question in my mind who would win in a Bears vs. the Saints matchup. But I still think Da Bears have a good chance of winning this game. A lot rides on which Rex Grossman shows up this week. People tend to forget his actual playing time is not much more than a Rookie QB totals. I think he has the stuff to be the next Favre. ANother problem is last week the offensive line was etting too many rushers get clear shots at Grossman, which causes him to panic, that is when he makes rookie mistakes. Without Harris the defense is going to give up points. Two things have to happen for this dfense to hold the Saints in check. Most importantly the Bears D-Line has to start getting to the QB on passing downs. There was entirely too much time for the opposition QB to throw the last several games. And two the defensive line has to start watching the run up the middle. When the Bears get hurt in by running game it is usually up the middle. It has been that way for a long time. Urlacher is too fast for his own good on up the gut running plays and gets out of position. The key this week will be the D-Line especially rhe tackles. I like your prediciton and it sounds very plausible.

  2. Those are all very good points thescoundrel, I especially like the point about Urlacher. He’s great, but he has never been the best run stopper when people can get a hat on him. I haven’t been that impressed with the Saints offensive line, but I think their full back Karney is going to play a key role. If we can keep Deuce in check I think the Saints will have a tough time scoring a whole lot. I think the Bears speed neutralizes Reggie Bush, and if the Bears can lay some wood on those young receivers early on they’ll be off their game. I certainly can’t blame someone for picking the Saints, I just find it hard to believe they are a consensus pick.

  3. arleen said:

    i think its difficult for analysts to pick the bears due to grossman. they are all unsure hes going to have another decent game. and really all bets are off with the best qb in the nfc coming in along with duece and reggie. i personally dont think anything neutralizes bush, nobody in the league is as quick and ellusive as he is. im not a saints fan either.

  4. I disagree Arleen, mostly because last week a number of the same “experts” went out on a limb and said they believed Grossman was going to have a really good game. I find it hard to believe that they could be so sure he would be successful in his first playoff game this year and not rely on him in his second game. As far as stopping Reggie Bush, the defense most comparable to the Bears that the Saints played would be Baltimore. And you’re right Reggie did lead the team in rushing. . . with a whopping 16 yards. And there IS another person that is as quick and as elusive as Reggie, and that man’s name is DEVIN HESTER. The fact that you aren’t a Saints fan may strengthen your argument some, but we’ll take it with a grain of salt since I do believe I detect a Packers fan, and we all know its hard for a Packers’ fan to think real objectively about the Bears.

  5. I’m blatantly stealing this from the Desipio message board, but I don’t care because I laughed out loud for like 2 minutes after reading it, and I think it fits in with the sentiment of this post.

    [make sure to read/say this in your best superfan voice]
    Bears 117
    Saints -3

    The blowout will be so huge, that it will not only put the Saints below zero, but it will cause a seismic shift in the atmosphere, unleashing a storm so much bigger than Katrina, that only Ditka’d be able to put it out, my friend.


  6. And the winner is Da Bears! It was not pretty in fact it was often downright ugly but it is now on to the SuperBowl. An Ugly win is far superior to a well-played loss! Go Bears!!!!!

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