Daily Archives: February 2, 2007

Joboo sat down with Devin Hester at Media Day in Miami. Why? BECAUSE HE IS DEVIN HESTER. It was hard at first to interview the man, since he would not sit still and was always snapping his fingers and kicking it cold with those dance moves, but finally we got Devin to sit down with us.

Joboo: Welcome, Devin Hester. Man, glad we finally got an interview with you. As you know…

Devin Hester: Hell yeah, good to be here man. I know ya’ll Joboo folks was on my bandwagon since the jump. Doherty got that jersey bright orange with my name emblazoned on the back, kid a true soldier.

Deion Sanders: Devin, man, I gotta say, man…you are FAST.

Awkward pause.

Joboo: What the HELL are you doing here Deion?

Deion: This is my man Devin Hester. I’m like his handler.

Awkward pause

Joboo: So, uh, Devin, what do you feel about dudes that try to kill themselves because they don’t want to slap fight Andre Rison…and then don’t reveal this information to the public until years later when a dude overdoses on pills?

Deion: That’s cold, man.

Deion leaves.

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