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Editor’s Note: Champ got here a bit late, but is ready to rock now. Joe Buck tells me there are 124 goddamned laps to go, so I think he still has a long afternoon ahead of him. Champ’s words are in regular text, Editor’s Notes will be italicized. Will we regret this decision? Certainly?

Champ put the liveblog here.

Came into the apartment at 4:36 eastern time and was disapointed to have missed the first 65 laps of the Greatest American Race. Turned on the television to a rather boring Napa Autoparts commerical and then left the channel on 8 instead of 7 for a while to even further delay my viewing of the Daytona 500.

Finally got the race on though, and it appears Tony Stewart is holding onto a slim lead over Kurt Busch.

*** 4:43 EST The caution is out! 2nd caution of the race apparently (I missed the first one) Problems on the 45 car of Kyle Petty brought out the Yellow flag. His right rear tire blew apart causing for a lot of damage to his race car. The caution came out on lap 85. Rumor has it the 20 car of leader Tony Stewart is also experiencing some sort of overhearting problem so we will have to keep an eye out for possible troubles later on in the race for him. After pitstops the 17 car of Matt Kenseth has assumed the lead of the race. Should be back green in a few minutes.

Editor’s Note: Going to make folks click the read more link for more of the scintillating coverage. I like how The Champ decided to add in the exclamation point after noting a caution is out. I’m anticipating a !!!!! when the real goodness goes down. For those of you who are NOT into NASCAR…I’ll be popping up in these editor’s notes and maybe Ryan will as well just to mock Nascar a bit and feed Champ some questions…such as…why the fuck do they do a race called the Busch Series on the same track with the same racers the day before?

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