Live bloggin’ Daytona…you know it

Editor’s Note: Champ got here a bit late, but is ready to rock now. Joe Buck tells me there are 124 goddamned laps to go, so I think he still has a long afternoon ahead of him. Champ’s words are in regular text, Editor’s Notes will be italicized. Will we regret this decision? Certainly?

Champ put the liveblog here.

Came into the apartment at 4:36 eastern time and was disapointed to have missed the first 65 laps of the Greatest American Race. Turned on the television to a rather boring Napa Autoparts commerical and then left the channel on 8 instead of 7 for a while to even further delay my viewing of the Daytona 500.

Finally got the race on though, and it appears Tony Stewart is holding onto a slim lead over Kurt Busch.

*** 4:43 EST The caution is out! 2nd caution of the race apparently (I missed the first one) Problems on the 45 car of Kyle Petty brought out the Yellow flag. His right rear tire blew apart causing for a lot of damage to his race car. The caution came out on lap 85. Rumor has it the 20 car of leader Tony Stewart is also experiencing some sort of overhearting problem so we will have to keep an eye out for possible troubles later on in the race for him. After pitstops the 17 car of Matt Kenseth has assumed the lead of the race. Should be back green in a few minutes.

Editor’s Note: Going to make folks click the read more link for more of the scintillating coverage. I like how The Champ decided to add in the exclamation point after noting a caution is out. I’m anticipating a !!!!! when the real goodness goes down. For those of you who are NOT into NASCAR…I’ll be popping up in these editor’s notes and maybe Ryan will as well just to mock Nascar a bit and feed Champ some questions…such as…why the fuck do they do a race called the Busch Series on the same track with the same racers the day before?

*** 4:50 EST: The race is back under the Green Flag. Kevin Harvick in the 29 car ducked in there real quick on the re-start to take the lead, only to have the 2 car of Kurt Busch grab it on the next lap. The Busch brothers now run 1-2 with Kyle in second place. The Busch brothers, however, are not to be confused with Busch beer, the sponsor of the race that Doug was asking about above. To make a really long explanation as short as possible, the Busch series hosts races the day before the Nascar Nextel Cup event, usually at the same track. The races are 1/2 the length of the Sunday race, and tradionally were for younger drivers who were not yet ready for the Nextel Cup. It was a minor-league type system for Nascar. Nowadays, however, many of the Nascar stars will race in the Busch Series races to gain an advantage for the real race on Sunday in terms of seeing how the car is running and what adjustments they should make for the big race on Sunday.

***4:57 EST I checked the fridge and was shocked to learn that we are out of beer. I now have a very tough decision to make. Will the Diet Root Beer that is in there tide me over until the end of this race, or do I have to miss a few more minutes of this race to run across the street to 7-11?

E’sN: In walking across the street I’m sure you’ll miss at least one left turn, however, I think you’ll be OK. The Diet Root Beer should not be had by anyone. Sounds like they got some Erin Andrews type reporter out there interviewing pit crew folks? Maybe they could get Tim Hardaway in to do that role? Or, interviewing folks in the crowd?

*** 5:05 EST: It is the official half way mark of the race. 100 laps down, 100 laps to go. The Busch brothers still run 1-2. (quick FYI: Kurt drives a Dodge and Kyle drives a Chevy) The 31 car of Jeff Burton, and the 12 car of Ryan Newman care close behind in 3rd and 4th (both Chevys). Also, the 10 car of Scott Riggs is officially out of the race and listed in 42 place with engine problems. The honor of 43rd place goes to Kyle Petty, who is already out from that last caution.

***5:09 EST, I decided that I need some Coors Lights. I’ll make a quick run across the street on the next commerical break.

All right. While we’re still under a caution, I want you to go back out on that track and hit the pace car…Hit the pace car?…Hit the pace car…What for?…Because you’ve hit every other goddamned thing out there I want you to be perfect!

***5:17 EST, well I didn’t realize the above was a Days of Thunder quote until Doug notified me. But just in case there is any confusion, the race is in fact not under caution. I have returned from 7-11 with some Budwieser instead of my usual favorite of Coors Lite because I realized that not buying the Bud would be a direct slap in the face to my boy Dale Jr. will should be celerbrating his 2nd Daytona 500 victory in about an hour and a half.

*** 5:22 EST, The 11 car of Denny Hamlin has passed Kyle Busch to take over 2nd place. His brother Kurt Busch is still the leader.

***5:24 EST, Kyle Busch has fallen all the way to 10th place. Doug realized he is driving the Kellog’s Frosted Flakes car and declares that he wants Kyle to win the race.

Hell yes.

***5:34 EST, Kurt Busch still holds onto his lead, but willy veteran Ricky Rudd in the 88 Snickers car has taken over 2nd place. For those non-Nascar junkies out there, 50-year-old Rudd came out of retirement this year to take over Dale Jarret’s ride in the former UPS Robert Yates 88 car.

***5:36 EST, this year’s Daytona 500 is actually currently on pace to be the fastest ever in history. This is due largely in part to the lack of caution flags. They have been running green throughout the majority. I think we are due for a few good cautions before this thing is over.

***5:42 EST, The Dominos Hot Lap just took place. This is a new promotion going on this year where you can phone in before hand and make a guess for whoever wins the Dominos Hot Lap. The winner is the one who had the fasted speed during the randomly selected lap that is Dubbed the Dominos Hot Lap. Jeff Gordon took home the honors in the 24 car.

I’m a bit surprised that one of these beer folks such as Coors Light and their frost brewed nonsense did not counter with a Coors Light Cold Lap where the winner is the one with the slowest speed during the randomly selected lap.

*** 5:43 EST, Tony Stewart has regained the lead from Kurt Busch. Kurt is now in 2nd, and his brother Kyle is in 3rd.

*** 5:47 EST, Big news!!!!! The two leaders took each other out. 1st place Tony Stewart and 2nd Place Kurt Busch both wrecked and are out of the race. This puts Kyle Busch, Mr. Frosted Flakes, in the lead.

That’s the power of the fuckin’ Frosted Flakes. Champ tells me that Tony Stewart is not going to be able to finish this race, the car is done and what not…pretty sure some dudes in the Illini basketball team wrecked a car just like that and managed to drive home. Just saying, these Nascar folks might need to man up if their getting out performed by college basketball players. That’s not even taking into consideration something like if Eddie Griffin left the NBA (read: cut, again) and went to Nascar…wow, the possibilities.

Champ, is Tony Stewart going to punch someone over this?

5:55 EST, Still under caution, and it looks to continue for at least 5 more minutes. Lots of oil to clean up on the track. I think its a safe bet to say that Tony will punch somebody, or at least something, after this one. I’d be shocked if his anger management classes actually worked this fast for him.

6:02 EST, Finally back under green. We got a 37 lap shootout to the end. This thing is wide open now that Kurt and Tony are out of it. Mark Martin is making a strong run, and so is Jeff Gordon. I am still holding out faith for my boy Dale Jr. though. Gonna be an exciting run to the finish.

Near as I can tell…it does not take much to excite the folks that are announcing this damn thing.

6:07 EST, Martin Truex, Jr. in the 1 car has taken the lead over from Kyle Busch with 32 laps to go. Martin has never won a Nascar Nextel Cup race before, but is driving for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

6:09 EST, Matt Kenseth in the 17 and Jamie McMurray in the 42 both pased Truex, Jr. and are now 1-2. Truex Jr. is in 3rd. 30 laps to go…

6:12 EST, Another caution, and another big wreck. Looks like the big victim is Greg Biffle, altough a number of cars have damage from this one. Looks like we are in store for another 10 good ten minutes of some caution flag laps before they turn it green for a 20-lap shootout to the end.

Gotta admit…I somewhat enjoyed watching that wreck from the vantage point of inside all of the cars at various points in the wreck. As well, the CROWN ROYAL CAR JACKED some fool up in pit row. Just fucking running people over showing absolutely zero mercy.

6:21 EST, just cracked open Bud #3. Thought I would mention that because its still under caution and there is nothing else to mention.

6:23 EST, back under green flag at long last. 21 laps to go. Should be a great shootout to the checkerd flag coming up here. Mark Martin takes over the lead, with the 99 car of Carl Edwards in 2nd place.

btw, that is Jamie McMurray in the Crown Royal car.

6:26 EST, Mark Martin is holding this lead with 15 laps to go. It would be a great story if Mark can win this thing because he retired last year and is only back on a part-time schedule this year. He hung up the keys on his #6 Jack Rousch racing ride, and is in the 01 US Army car (a much lower-budget smaller racing team) on a part-time basis. Like I said, if Mark can pull this thing off, its a great story.

6:30 EST, another caution flag is out. Dave Blaney in the 22 car had a minor accident with the 21 car of Ken Schrader.

6:37 EST, Back to green with 10 laps to go. Martin still has the lead.

6:40 EST, 7 laps to go. Martin still has a slim lead. Kyle Busch is in 2nd, and Greg Biffle runs 3rd.

6:42 EST, 5 to go. Mark Martin still hanging on to this thing.

6:43 EST, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Dale Jr. got wrecked by the Crown Royal car. (Jamie McMurray) Under caution once again. I guess I wasn’t messing around when I posted that there should be some cautions coming up. Dale was running in 4th place and really got screwed there. This caution will provide for a Green-White-Checkered restart that is Nascar’s version of overtime. It also makes it a tad bit harder for Mark to win this now, although, he should still be the favorite.

6:47 EST, we are now under a Red Flag so that the race doesn’t end under yellow. What they do is stop the cars in order to clean the track up. They then have that Green-White-Checkered finish I was telling you about. They waive the green flag, run a lap, waive the white flag (which signifies 1 lap to go) and run that last lap for the victory. Martin starts the 2 lap shootout in 1st, but there are a few hungry guys, including Kyle Busch, right behind him with a decent shot.

6:51, EST Still under that Red Flag, might take 15 mins or so before they have this thing green.

Two things:

1. This red flag stopping them bullshit would be so much better if they allowed them to just race with all kinds of debris on the track.

2. Why have a POND on the race track infield if they’re not going to position it in location where people that wreck can spin their cars into the water?

7:04 EST, Looks like they are ready to get this thing going again. They will have a couple warmup caution laps, and then 2 Green Flag full speed laps to the Checkered Flag. Mark Martin is the leader with 2 to go.

7:07 EST, BIG WRECK AT THE END. Clint Bowyer in the Jack Daniels car is upside down and on fire.

Kevin Harvick passed Mark Martin on the last corner to win it!!!

7:10 EST, well as I mentioned its over, and Kevin Harvick is the champion.

The top 5:

1) Kevin Harvick

2) Mark Martin

3) Jeff Burton

4) Mike Wallace

5) Dave Ragan

Nascar definitely needs more dudes racin’ vehicles upside down and on fire.

Frosted Flakes car went out like a fucking gangster, however. Once he realized he missed his move to win the damn race and Harvick was taking it up top, dude just start bumping into as many fools as he possibly could and started the wreck that led to the flipped sonofabitch. The hell with winning when you can make cars flip, right?


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