Of course the Chicago Bears emerging as the apparent class of the NFC is a great development, but it isn’t really a surprise to anyone that is actually a Bears fan. And in even more exciting news, not only did Dusty Baker not get a contract extension, but, team president Andy McPhail took it upon himself to fall on his sword and resign his position. Neither of these developments instantly make the Cubs better next year, but there is reason to be excited . . .right? The Cubs organization can’t possibly fill the head coach and team president with two more incompetent individuals . . .right? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news in the light of all this optimism, but click the read more link to find out why the Cubs are in no way, shape, or form in better shape then they were a couple weeks ago. Read More

Detroit Tigers fans lucked themselves into a better postseason matchup by losing the AL Central to the Minnesota Twins this weekend. Now, I’m not going to guarantee a Tiger win over the Yankees. The Yankees are really good. Excellent line-up, so on down the line. But, you want to play the Yankees if you’re a Tigers fan…you did not want to play Oakland in a five game Series.
However, when it comes to postseason baseball, and a short five game Series, the Tigers had no shot to beat the Oakland Athletics, but at least have a prayer against the Yankees. Now, if it turns out to be a Shaun Alexander prayer that just offers a glimmer of hope, but ultimately, the prayer gets slapped back down, so be it. But, the possibility is at least there. I know, I know, I’m putting a lot of stock into pitching, but, this is postseason baseball, afterall.

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A week ago, Terrell Owens just had a finger injury and an ego.

A week ago, the St. Louis Cardinals had an 8 and a half game lead in the NL Central.

Last night, they both decided the hell with that and emerge this morning as a mental whack job and a team with a 1 1/2 game lead.

Terrell Owens attempted general suicide and the Cardinals, well, they’re just not giving a damn about making the playoffs. One of the two drowned their sorrows with 35 pain pills. That, was Owens. The Cardinals just can’t beat anybody right now.

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That I see this ESPN story about the Washington Nats train derailing and I’m slightly dissapointed that none of them got hurt? I mean, I’m not wishing death for them and I’m not even asking for serious injury. Just temporary headaches or something that Advil isn’t working for. Maybe a wrist sprain or something. I mean, they’re playing the Phillies tonight in the first of a three game series and I need some Phillies wins. This isn’t wrong, is it? Nothing serious, just keep a couple top Nats out of a lineup for a couple days.

That’s not wrong, right? That’s pennant race baseball, right?

As an aside, how long did it take to convince Soriano that they were taking a train back from NY? It was hard enough getting the man to move to Left, I can’t imagine this was easy. Maybe the Bengals should try it, though, you know, get more liquids in them during their travels back home.

Ryan Howard came into today’s game with the Atlanta Braves sitting on 49 homeruns for the season. He already has set the Philadelphia Phillies franchise record for homeruns in a single season, but has a couple milestones still awaiting him. One being the 50 mark and the other being Ryan Doherty’s predicted Howard finishing total of 56.

Today, he decided to reach 50…

And then did not stop. He has shrugged off this huge plateau and hit two more homeruns today. The man has the team on his back and for anyone out there that thinks the Phillies traded Bobby Abreu too soon because this team is now in a playoff race…well, take notice of Ryan Howard’s play and the realization that they are in this race simply because Abreu was never a leader and now, the team looks to this guy, Ryan Howard, as a leader. It would have been great if it could have happened otherwise, but sometimes you need to move aside and let the man come through.

It appears this video is not working, but, youtube it, it's hilarious.        

Jim Leyland argues, pauses for God Bless America and then resumes. The man is awesome. Kind of makes me want to stop telling these Tigers fans that they’re going to lose in the first round…

…until I remember that Ryan’s favorite fantasy baseball player told me today that I just enjoy crushing dreams. I guess you can call it that, but dead arms and a sinking ship usually handle that end of the business for me.