NFL Predictions

Here in the second installment of the NFL season predictions we are turning our attention to the NFC. I’ve always considered myself more of an NFC guy than an AFC guy, primarily becuase my beloved Bears play in the NFC, so of course this means that I’m bound to royally screw up these predictions. I’m also going to make at least one prediction that I never would so at the very least this could be exciting if still completely wrong. But here goes are best stab at how the NFC divisions are going to shake out. Once again the * means the wild card teams and the teams are listed first to worst. Enjoy and let us know what you think. Read More

This is the first annual Joboo NFL predictions. You may ask can it be annual if its the first one ever, and the answer would be it’s our Blog and we’ll do what we want to. No one here at the site claims to be an expert on anything so if anyone disagrees or has some info that would change our minds please feel free to comment and drop some knowledge. We certainly are not smart enough to accurately predict each team’s number of wins but we will list them top to bottom in order of finish, and as an added bonus an * gives our prediction for the wild card teams. Part II will cover the NFC and then we’ll have a finale that should lay out the playoff picture. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think. Read More