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You ever sit there wondering: Man, how does Pacman Jones decide just what to do on a daily basis? Well, journalistic integrity here at Joboo and all that has led to…

Pacman flowchart

clicking the image SHOULD make it bigger…and not fuzzy…or, actually, just click the link below. The PDF is a bit more clear than the JPG…

Pacman flowchart PDF

So, Drexel and Syracuse are out…Syracuse having gone 10-6 in the Big East…but Illinois, Stanford and Purdue are in? I don’t really get that.

Either way, it’s Tournament Time and everyone is going to start filling out those brackets, the link below is a link to a PDF of a printable NCAA Tournament bracket. Do you want to be looking at ESPN/Pontiac logos all week? Hell no. Print out the Joboo bracket with not a damn corporate sponsor.

2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket

The rest of this, let’s see if we can’t turn the comments into some actual discussion…since it seems like we’ve been lacking in that category for a while. Tournament selection/seeding complaints, upset predictions, Final Four predictions, that sort of thing.

I’m a bit surprised that this story isn’t making more news. An Indiana man is suing the Pacers, their mascot and claiming injury when he took part in a free throw contest.

What the article says is, “the lawsuit states that Jackson began to leave the basketball court but was tackled from behind by the team’s mascot, “Boomer,” a 6-foot-tall blue cat with gold whiskers.”

After reading this lawsuit in its entirety, I’m a bit surprised by the media’s handling of this incident. What was presented was a much more scaled down version of the events of that night. Surprisingly, the media did not cover the thuggish actions of several Indiana Pacer ballplayers. Thankfully, we here at Joboo believe in several things, one of them being presenting the information to the public.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, I saw that the lawsuit was not on the internet in its entirety (I’m looking at YOU thesmokinggun…) and we decided we just had to put this gem up. The beginning is a bit stale and mostly covered in the news article, however, this thing gets entertaining when Jeff Foster hits the scene. I know I’m asking for a leap of faith, but Trust me on that one.

The PDF should hopefully have attached itself below…

Pacers Lawsuit