It’s that magical time of year again, when little leaguers from around the world gather in Williamsport Pennsylvania to remind us all of the beauty and splendor that is baseball. I really don’t know what it is about the LLWS that draws me in every year, but despite having to listen to Joe Morgan and reading all the articles about how televising these games damages the poor children I find myself fixated on the television. Perhaps what I enjoy most is the way that I am able to contrast and compare Major League Baseball with the LLWS. Read More

…I’m assuming…that is, that this 6 foot 8 huge ass Little League dude is no joke. I don’t have a name for the kid, which may or may not be disrespectful, but if you’ve seen him, you know who I’m talking about. I tried google to get a name since ESPN is only covering the non-story of a 12 year old from STATEN FUCKIN’ ISLAND saying “one fucking run” in the dugout. Seriously, could there be any less of a story than a 12 year saying the f word? The story is actually that ESPN is surprised or intrigued by this. But, anyway, Google surprisingly let me down on stories about this kid…

Your search – “little league” “huge ass dude” – did not match any documents.

MSNBC showed him taking a lead off of first base, what exactly is stopping him from leaning over to the first baseman and whispering “I’m taking second”, then spitting on the dirt, grinning and adding, “by any means necessary.” I’m pretty damn sure that the opposition is going to come up with some signal that means to get the hell out of the way.

Unless of course he’s playing Staten Island, in which case he gets met with: Who the fuck is youse? You want to fuckin’ start some stuff tough guy? And then out come the switch blades and who the hell knows how shocked ESPN would be at this point.