The U

Let’s not half ass it. This is The U we’re talking about here, not some run of the mill school that barely churns out NFL talent. We gotta fire Coker and get some order there.
Bottomline is Coker is trying, but The U just needs to get back to their roots. Have they showed up to Bowl Games in camoflauge recently? I think not. They did release that 7th Floor Crew album. But, then the folks at The U said they frowned upon that? This is not Duke. This is The U. Changes are needed.

We start with Luther Campbell back on the sidelines. You remember Luther Campbell from being a hype man for 2 Live Crew and their hits. Well, Uncle Luke was quite the presence on the ‘Canes sidelines in the early ’90s as well as in the pockets of the Hurricane players. You start with him back there and then you go from there… Read More