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We’ve seen it all season long, the NY Football Giants doing those lameass jumpshot motions after big plays. Where did they discover this lameness? From a rapper named Jim Jones. Don’t know anything about Jones? Well, Wikipedia tells me he is beefin’ with Mase, Loon, Nas and Tru-Life. Since the Giants don’t have much to celebrate, the jumpshot apparently has crossed over to the NBA. After hitting a game winning jumpshot (go figure) in triple overtime, Channing Frye did the Giants jumpshot motion. Confusing businessmen and making anyone in the know despise the jumpshot motion even more.

Since Frye brought the jumpshot to a new level of lameness, the Giants decided they needed something different heading into their must-win contest with the Redskins, where they need to win to see the Playoffs. They’re in the studio, going to release this on the NFL Network sometime before the game, but we here at Joboo managed to get you the lyrics sheet to this badboy. For reference, words in parenthesis are background.

Without further fanfare, Mike Strahan and other knuckleheads are doing the motions while Jim Jones provides the sounds…

Giants…yea…super bowl wearin’ shades.
Nah, jus’ playin’, can’t see that, you dig

We lose games, no lie, you know thisssss (HOOKSHOT!!!)
Fire co-ords, pass the blame, its like kindagarten (we left the buildin’)

Hester made us look, no lie, foooooooolish (HOOKSHOT!)
Bitch and Moan, oh my, lose focuuuuus

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…is amazing. In case you weren’t watching last night…he decided to run a kick back…when the Bears had the hands team on the field. Aside from that, his return in the first quarter changed the course of that game after the Rams went up 6-0.

The man is doing shout outs to DEION. Anytime you kick the ball to Devin Hester, he has a shot at taking it back to the end zone. He has 6 kick returns this season and he just recently got put in at returning kickoffs. Why? Not quite sure, but it definitely should have happened sooner.

Also, do not call this man Devon. Frankly, the only people that make that mistake are people who pretend to transfer law schools, but really, they dropped out of law school because they drink 80 cups of coffee during finals week and do not like that they got a couple Bs to go with their As so they high tail it back to Georgia, do not have a TV so they listen to Devin Hester on the radio and while it still sounds badass, it’s not quite AS badass obviously.

By the way, Yahoo!, can you please make Devin Hester available for me to pick up in fantasy football?

This whole giving the Bengals three days vacation thing?

Google News Search for: Bengals arrested

Reggie McNeal decided to make sure that we had something to laugh at this morning. And, uh, just in case MORE Bengals come to be arrested after a WEEKEND off, here’s a direct link to the story on it, rather than just the current Google News search.
Apparently McNeal decided to attempt to enter a club after closing time and push an off duty police officer when he was not allowed in.

Yeah, keep clicking that Google News link throughout the day…these reports may keep trickling through as Bengals fail to make it back into Cincy on time.

    For any of you that have been here before, you probably realize where I am coming from on this issue.  I’m a Cubs fan, let’s get that out there up front, so that is where my hatred of the Cards started, but the more I think about it on an objective basis I can’t understand why the hell more people don’t hate the St. Louis Cardinals.  Let’s be honest, hating other sports teams is just as much a part of Americana as cheering for your own.  This usually stems from a couple things.  One possibility is of course the rivalry.  ESPN makes sure that we know how much hate is involved in the Red Sox-Yankees feud, we here about the Dodgers-Giants and recently the Cubs-Cardinals have been getting more national attention.  As sports fans we are programmed to understand why fans of one of these teams hates everything about their rivals.  Another type of hatred is a lot less common.  This is of course the hatred of one team by the majority of the rest of the league.  The best example of this is probably the New York Yankees.  Most teams and fans are just envious of the financial resources at the Yankees’ disposal, but there is a lot more that plays into it too.  It is this type of hatred that got me wondering why anyone not a Cardinals fan wouldn’t seriously dislike them. Read More

When we started this blog a couple months ago I anticipated a lot of blogs including remarks about various lameass things ESPN has done or is in the process of doing. I haven’t really liked ESPN for a while now, but put up with the bullshit because it is necessary. I do not want to watch Sean Salisbury analyze football. I don’t like anyone on that network for basketball, aside from the unintentional comedy of Stacey Dales Schuman calling a red-shirt freshman a sophomore that is in his first year of basketball. The NFL Network has helped me rid myself of ESPNs awful football coverage, but I’m stuck with them for basketball. Baseball, well, I like what ESPN provides more often than not.

With eBay ESPN, they have a lame slate of writers and an overload of Insider articles. Their Fantasy Football layout is horrible compared to Yahoo and, well, OK…we all know there are flaws with what ESPN provides, but they still do this sports thing more than everyone, so when talking sports, people are inevitably going to talk about the bad moments.

But, I’m finding it more and more difficult to rip on ESPN lately. It’s just not fun anymore. Too many people consistently rip ESPN for things that they probably should not be ripped for that it takes the fun out of it for everyone else. Deadspin, great site, but, uh, ripping ESPN for giving employees a coupon for a free drink or meal after ESPN set some MNF ratings record that they’ll break again within two years?  The Bill Simmons bashing bandied about the internet recently has been a bit of overkill, as well. Today, I think Yaysports brings things to a new level, however.

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