First, let me make it completely clear that these are by no means LOCKS or anything of that nature. I try not to make specific predictions a lot, mainly because I could care less about being correct about what I’m talking about. I’m going to run my mouth, tell you what I think, make my arguments and be wrong a lot. That’s fine, I’m holding myself out to be no better than anyone else. Predictions are completely different because they are so easily to tabulate and  results are pretty much instant.  Plus, we tried that once on this blog and Lancer did, well, terrible.

That being said, I once went 11-0 on NFL Playoff predictions against the spread. Ran the table from wild card to Super Bowl. The snag? Did it on some messageboard with not much fanfare, and more to the point…NO MONEY INVOLVED.  Which some might say means that the run did not count, still, it was on my resume for a couple of months nonetheless.

So, if you another Predictions post out of me next week, you’ll know I went 4-0. If it doesn’t show up, don’t be surprised.

My winners in bold, Sir Gilbert style with the lead in…

Hibachi…INDIANAPOLIS 7 over Kansas City (4:30 PM ET)
Weber Q120 Gas Grill…SEATTLE 3 over Dallas (8:00 PM ET)

Sunday, January 7:

Old School Charcoal…NEW ENGLAND 8.5 over N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM ET)
Rotisserie…PHILADELPHIA 7 over N.Y. Giants (4:30 PM ET)

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