Peyton Manning Losing Big Games

A week ago, Terrell Owens just had a finger injury and an ego.

A week ago, the St. Louis Cardinals had an 8 and a half game lead in the NL Central.

Last night, they both decided the hell with that and emerge this morning as a mental whack job and a team with a 1 1/2 game lead.

Terrell Owens attempted general suicide and the Cardinals, well, they’re just not giving a damn about making the playoffs. One of the two drowned their sorrows with 35 pain pills. That, was Owens. The Cardinals just can’t beat anybody right now.

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    I was a little caught up in the debacle at Spartan Stadium on Saturday that I’m just now catching up on all the sports happenings from Saturday.  I was pleased to see that my South Carolina Gamecocks put a hurt on the proud Florida Atlantic Owls.  I realize that it is a victory over not a particularly intimidating football team but a 45-6 victory is impressive nonetheless.  Read More

As most of you are aware by now I’m sure, Tiger Woods is a little bit upset with some obscure Irish tabloid for publishing photos purporting to be nude pics of his wife . . .who just happens to be a blond, sweedish super-model. The photos turned out to be of someone else, but that didn’t turn down Tiger’s temper. Nor should it. I’ve never been a huge fan of Tiger, and I often think he is acting like a child on the course but I don’t think anyone of us would take this type of thing laying down. Read More


For those of you that were too worried about Roy Williams safety or didn’t want to be made ill by the Lions play today and didn’t tune in, I’ll try and give you a little help on the Bears beatdown of the Lions. Click the read more and you can check out my thoughts at the half and after the inevitable conclusion of the Bears making the Lions look worse than the Packers. Read More

“Apparently” Reggie Bush and his family received $100,000 in benefits while he was still an “amateur” athlete at USC. You know what I say. . .more power to you Reggie. I’m fairly certain that 100k doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much money Reggie generated for the school, conference and the NCAA. I know all about the supposed evils of paying college athletes and a lot of them make sense. So while leaving out the bigger discussion of whether or not we should or shouldn’t pay college athletes and just give some props for Reggie getting his. Read More

Despite a very disappointing outing against what could only be categorized as a superior Georgia team the South Carolina Gamecocks proved they still have some fight in them. Well, at least starting QB Blake Mitchell did. Mitchell was arrested in the early hours of the morning today after a trip to a local watering hole. Mitchell was charged with simple assault which could either mean it was a bar fight or he decided to beat the shit out of a man with Down Syndrome. Albert Pujols’ representative was unavailable for comment, but we are sure he is outraged. Read More

Last night was an unprecedented night for MNF as most of you probably realize, but hey for those that got here through some of our more colorful search terms let me recap.  MNF has transitioned away from its only other home, ABC, for ESPN and maybe more importantly for the continued success of the program, Cable.  Also unprecedented was the Monday Night double header.  If you’re interested in a little more discussion about MNF with little discussion of either actual game, which I completely understand if you’re not, click the read more link. Read More