No you can not draft the Blazers in bulk

The NBA regular season sometimes bugs me. Watching Gilbert Arenas hang 35 on some fools while thinking about how he misplayed those pocket Aces does get old. On the other hand, reading about the fights that break out during Portland TrailBlazer practice sessions never gets old. Another thing Doherty and I have come to realize is that looking over fantasy rosters in our law school classes is a great thing to do. But, with these leagues that don’t maintain our interest to update a roster DAILY for a long season, we needed to go a different route with the whole fantasy thing.

Thus, we’ve come to this point. A sampling of points possible for your fantasy players in this league: Domestic Disturbance Call, Demands for playing time, obviously we’re giving out points for handguns being involved in arguments and what have you, substance abuse, Taking runs at star players, uh, felonies and a whole lot more. If this interests you, there’s a more extensive list when you hit the read more button. Also, some info on signing up.

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