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It sure has been a wild season in the NFL, but that probably pales in comparison to the ups and downs we’ve experienced here at Joboo.  We started off by offering you Lance’s Stone Cold Locks of the Week, and despite the bravado cold was the only adjective that accurately described Lance’s ability to correctly predict NFL winners.  I would like to say that we were all a little broken up by Lance ending his tenure as pickmaster, but to be honest it saved us from having to apologize for how bad the picks were.  Then we moved on to letting the Champ in addition to his Bold Predictions starting flexing his NFL picking muscle.  Predictably, those NFL picks turned out about as well as the Detroit Tigers World Series experience. We even went as far as to let my girlfriend THROW HATCHETS in an attempt to bring you accurate NFL picks. However the regular season ended without a clear choice for who should be making picks for us.

Joboo Co-founder Doug even took a stab at making picks in the playoffs, and quickly went 0-4 bookending the shortest tenure of NFL predictions thus far on the website.  I’ve somehow managed to stay sane enough to avoid publicly making predictions, aside from my correct call in the NFC Championship game, and if I were smarter than I am I would retire 1-0. (Forgetting of course my preseason NFL predictions that may best be described as “putrid”) But really, what are the chances of THAT happening. Read More

I fear I have no choice at this point.  THE HELL WITH KATRINA.  There, I said it, and you know what it feels GREAT.  I have been kind of avoiding ESPN’s NFL coverage since last Sunday because I knew that the feel good story of the year would be permeating the airwaves.  I really should have continued that policy, but for whatever reason I decided to check out the ESPN’s “expert” picks.  You can take a look for yourself, but I’ll save you the trouble.  NOT ONE OF THEM, NOT A SINGLE GOD DAMN ONE, THINK THE BEARS ARE GOING TO WIN THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!! Read More

First, let me make it completely clear that these are by no means LOCKS or anything of that nature. I try not to make specific predictions a lot, mainly because I could care less about being correct about what I’m talking about. I’m going to run my mouth, tell you what I think, make my arguments and be wrong a lot. That’s fine, I’m holding myself out to be no better than anyone else. Predictions are completely different because they are so easily to tabulate and  results are pretty much instant.  Plus, we tried that once on this blog and Lancer did, well, terrible.

That being said, I once went 11-0 on NFL Playoff predictions against the spread. Ran the table from wild card to Super Bowl. The snag? Did it on some messageboard with not much fanfare, and more to the point…NO MONEY INVOLVED.  Which some might say means that the run did not count, still, it was on my resume for a couple of months nonetheless.

So, if you another Predictions post out of me next week, you’ll know I went 4-0. If it doesn’t show up, don’t be surprised.

My winners in bold, Sir Gilbert style with the lead in…

Hibachi…INDIANAPOLIS 7 over Kansas City (4:30 PM ET)
Weber Q120 Gas Grill…SEATTLE 3 over Dallas (8:00 PM ET)

Sunday, January 7:

Old School Charcoal…NEW ENGLAND 8.5 over N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM ET)
Rotisserie…PHILADELPHIA 7 over N.Y. Giants (4:30 PM ET)

For more on the reasoning, click it… Read More

Yeah, you read that right. This column is going to be all about me picking games with a hatchet. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Becca, and in the sense of full disclosure, I’m dating Ryan, one of the creators of this little blog. I figured if the Champ gets a column just for living with Doug, well then I have definitley earned a place on here. What gave me a perfect opportunity to get a spot on here is the simple fact that our friend Lance has been messing up his picks lately. Ok, he has been absolutely atrocious with his Stone Cold Locks of the Week. I mean 1-5, at that rate he’s going to have more than law school loans to pay off. So as a possible incentive for Lance to pull his head out of his ass we decided to hold a little competition to see who’s the better prognosticator. Click the read more link to learn a little more about my system and see my picks for week 3. Read More


For those of you that were too worried about Roy Williams safety or didn’t want to be made ill by the Lions play today and didn’t tune in, I’ll try and give you a little help on the Bears beatdown of the Lions. Click the read more and you can check out my thoughts at the half and after the inevitable conclusion of the Bears making the Lions look worse than the Packers. Read More

This is the first installment of a semi-regular feature here at Joboo. Periodically we’ll be checking in on everyone’s favorite common sense challenged forecaster, the Champ, and update everyone on how his predictions are looking. We know he tries to go out there for making these predictions, and for the interest of keeping the comedy flowing we’ll try not to be too harsh on the boy. If you’re interested in seeing how his first week of predictions are shaping up click that handy read more link. Read More

Here at Joboo we’ll be wrapping up our predictions for the upcoming NFL season in anticipation of the regular season getting underway Thursday night. We’ve already took the time to go through the AFC and NFC in previous posts so if you’re a first time visitor go ahead a take a look back at those. This post is dedicated primarily to picking the champions of each conference and the eventual Super Bowl winner. If we had the time or desire to figure out the actual playoff structure and predict the number of wins for each team we could lay out the actual playoff brackets, but hey you’re reading this for free so really that would probably be asking too much considering I’m sitting here writing this post in Business Enterprises. . .anyway on to the picks Read More