Madden ’07 hit shelves of stores today and apparently decided to overload on video game coverage, including a video game image as the main site image this morning. The Player Ratings were apparently a big story, players love to check them out…again, apparently.

Peyton Manning was the highest rated QB in the game, getting the only 99 rating overall for a QB, WR or RB. Tom Brady was next with a 98. Now, I’m not going to complain over 1 rating point difference. Sure, I think Brady is better than Manning, but that’s not even the issue.

The issue is simple: EA Sports and the Madden Series are behind the times or simply getting lazy. I assume it is getting lazy, as they have the market cornered, but that Madden knock-off a few years back that got sold for like 20 bucks was ahead of the times.

The fact of the matter is that Manning is not a 99 in any sense of the word. It is Madden 07 for chrissake, you don’t have some negative influence there for being a player that can go from 0 to 60 (in fucking your season and hopes up) in like INSTANTLY?

Again, it’s ’07…let’s get these ratings done up properly…how about tossing in some innovation with regards to these ratings? Take performance in big games into consideration because it is absolutely a huge part of the game.

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