Monthly Archives: February 2014

On paper, DMX is a great candidate for facing George Zimmerman in a boxing match. Call me skeptical that this is what we want to see, however.

George Zimmerman may possibly face DMX in a Celebrity Boxing Match at some point in March, according to CNN. Presumably, the most tense moment of the encounter will be when the ref does the customary boxing pat down as they enter the ring. Normally, a moment that just feels awkward, but, given Zimmerman’s history, you never know where the ref is going to find a Ruger.

Here’s the thing, I’m a bit worried about DMX.

There hasn’t been a more politically charged boxing exhibition in this country since Apollo Creed vs. Ivan Drago. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out. I don’t want to compare Zimmerman to Drago, I can’t imagine Zimmerman would be near as impressive in punching those machines the Soviets used to gauge punching power. But, let’s be honest, if you were going to bet this fight today (and of course you’re going to bet this fight), wouldn’t you lean towards taking Zimmerman?

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