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God damn this is awesome

There is no way possible at this point for one to not be desirous of the Warriors winning over the lameass Mavericks. Dirk gonna come in struttin’ with a BULLET fedora like that? A silk scarf completely unnecessary around his neck but nonetheless screaming GOD DAMN? Not even a hint of making that tie rest under the collar proper?

I think not. And this is why the Warriors move on.

The year was 1984…the scene is Sherill, New York. You may not know this, but Sherill is the smallest town in New York. How many pizza parlors do they have in Sherill? They have one. And it is only open Thursday – Sunday, because on the other days it is a dentistry. Such is the way things are in smalltowns during the 1980s.

Roger Goodell was working in this pizza parlor after college, smoking a lot of marijuana, finding out what he wanted to do with his life. One day in 1984, his life would change suddenly and drastically.

That was the day the dentist decided to work fridays.

There became a lot of overlap customers, lots of waiting around in the office. So, they needed to do something and Goodell, being energetic, eager to please, suggested a video game arcade machine for the waiting customers

A week later they wheeled in a game.

That game, as you may have figured out, was Pacman.

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