Songs Not Nearly as good as the Super Bowl Shuffle

We’ve seen it all season long, the NY Football Giants doing those lameass jumpshot motions after big plays. Where did they discover this lameness? From a rapper named Jim Jones. Don’t know anything about Jones? Well, Wikipedia tells me he is beefin’ with Mase, Loon, Nas and Tru-Life. Since the Giants don’t have much to celebrate, the jumpshot apparently has crossed over to the NBA. After hitting a game winning jumpshot (go figure) in triple overtime, Channing Frye did the Giants jumpshot motion. Confusing businessmen and making anyone in the know despise the jumpshot motion even more.

Since Frye brought the jumpshot to a new level of lameness, the Giants decided they needed something different heading into their must-win contest with the Redskins, where they need to win to see the Playoffs. They’re in the studio, going to release this on the NFL Network sometime before the game, but we here at Joboo managed to get you the lyrics sheet to this badboy. For reference, words in parenthesis are background.

Without further fanfare, Mike Strahan and other knuckleheads are doing the motions while Jim Jones provides the sounds…

Giants…yea…super bowl wearin’ shades.
Nah, jus’ playin’, can’t see that, you dig

We lose games, no lie, you know thisssss (HOOKSHOT!!!)
Fire co-ords, pass the blame, its like kindagarten (we left the buildin’)

Hester made us look, no lie, foooooooolish (HOOKSHOT!)
Bitch and Moan, oh my, lose focuuuuus

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