I’m a bit surprised that this story isn’t making more news. An Indiana man is suing the Pacers, their mascot and claiming injury when he took part in a free throw contest.

What the article says is, “the lawsuit states that Jackson began to leave the basketball court but was tackled from behind by the team’s mascot, “Boomer,” a 6-foot-tall blue cat with gold whiskers.”

After reading this lawsuit in its entirety, I’m a bit surprised by the media’s handling of this incident. What was presented was a much more scaled down version of the events of that night. Surprisingly, the media did not cover the thuggish actions of several Indiana Pacer ballplayers. Thankfully, we here at Joboo believe in several things, one of them being presenting the information to the public.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, I saw that the lawsuit was not on the internet in its entirety (I’m looking at YOU thesmokinggun…) and we decided we just had to put this gem up. The beginning is a bit stale and mostly covered in the news article, however, this thing gets entertaining when Jeff Foster hits the scene. I know I’m asking for a leap of faith, but Trust me on that one.

The PDF should hopefully have attached itself below…

Pacers Lawsuit

First, let me make it completely clear that these are by no means LOCKS or anything of that nature. I try not to make specific predictions a lot, mainly because I could care less about being correct about what I’m talking about. I’m going to run my mouth, tell you what I think, make my arguments and be wrong a lot. That’s fine, I’m holding myself out to be no better than anyone else. Predictions are completely different because they are so easily to tabulate and  results are pretty much instant.  Plus, we tried that once on this blog and Lancer did, well, terrible.

That being said, I once went 11-0 on NFL Playoff predictions against the spread. Ran the table from wild card to Super Bowl. The snag? Did it on some messageboard with not much fanfare, and more to the point…NO MONEY INVOLVED.  Which some might say means that the run did not count, still, it was on my resume for a couple of months nonetheless.

So, if you another Predictions post out of me next week, you’ll know I went 4-0. If it doesn’t show up, don’t be surprised.

My winners in bold, Sir Gilbert style with the lead in…

Hibachi…INDIANAPOLIS 7 over Kansas City (4:30 PM ET)
Weber Q120 Gas Grill…SEATTLE 3 over Dallas (8:00 PM ET)

Sunday, January 7:

Old School Charcoal…NEW ENGLAND 8.5 over N.Y. Jets (1:00 PM ET)
Rotisserie…PHILADELPHIA 7 over N.Y. Giants (4:30 PM ET)

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Ok, this really isn’t about Brett Favre so much as the Bears. Really, despite being a Bear’s fan, or maybe because I’m a Bears fan, I respect the hell out of Brett. Sure, the media coverage is a bit overdone, but you can’t blame him for that. He just goes out and competes at a very high level. He’s done it for a long time, and it’s been at such a high level that no matter his teammates and no matter his opponent he ALWAYS has a chance to win. So, basically in that statement all my fustration as a Bears’ fan should be obvious.

Really, I mean how hard can it be to play quarterback in the NFL. On second thought, it’s probably pretty hard, and really I guess I shouldn’t be too angry at Rex and Brian. A better question should probably be, “how hard is it to find a guy to play quarterback that won’t KILL your team?” I’m not even saying you should expect to find a great quarterback every time you go out looking for one. I’m sure lots of teams passed on some hillbilly from Southern Mississippi with a strong arm. A lot of times stumbling into a franchise quarterback is how it’s going to be done. Sure you can look at Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer as franchise type guys that were drafted high with good pedigrees. But last time I checked Ryan Leaf had a pretty decent college career. So why are franchise killing quarterbacks out there? I have the answer, and it’s easier than you might think. Read More

We’ve seen it all season long, the NY Football Giants doing those lameass jumpshot motions after big plays. Where did they discover this lameness? From a rapper named Jim Jones. Don’t know anything about Jones? Well, Wikipedia tells me he is beefin’ with Mase, Loon, Nas and Tru-Life. Since the Giants don’t have much to celebrate, the jumpshot apparently has crossed over to the NBA. After hitting a game winning jumpshot (go figure) in triple overtime, Channing Frye did the Giants jumpshot motion. Confusing businessmen and making anyone in the know despise the jumpshot motion even more.

Since Frye brought the jumpshot to a new level of lameness, the Giants decided they needed something different heading into their must-win contest with the Redskins, where they need to win to see the Playoffs. They’re in the studio, going to release this on the NFL Network sometime before the game, but we here at Joboo managed to get you the lyrics sheet to this badboy. For reference, words in parenthesis are background.

Without further fanfare, Mike Strahan and other knuckleheads are doing the motions while Jim Jones provides the sounds…

Giants…yea…super bowl wearin’ shades.
Nah, jus’ playin’, can’t see that, you dig

We lose games, no lie, you know thisssss (HOOKSHOT!!!)
Fire co-ords, pass the blame, its like kindagarten (we left the buildin’)

Hester made us look, no lie, foooooooolish (HOOKSHOT!)
Bitch and Moan, oh my, lose focuuuuus

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Or, should we start to worry about this thing? The players have been outspoken about it, and really, there hasn’t been a whole lot out there about the new basketball other than various players badmouthing the thing. Things might take a turn for the annoying, now, however, as’s headlines produce a story that a “study” shows that the new ball doesn’t behave like the old.

Where we might be in trouble is that the study was apparently done at the request of Mark Cuban.

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Wow, how could we go through a weekend without talking about this one? St. Louis first, Detroit, second. We had to get around to mentioning it at some point, right? Inevitable, and the like. Well, it can not be said enough. Congrats, St. Louis.

Hey, St. Louis, Congrats, you deserve this Championship. You’ve worked very hard, and as much as I’m not a fan of some of the folks you’ve got putting together this Title run, I think I can get over that and appreciate the victory that you’ve compiled here. Party like it’s, well, party like you party in St. Louis. Have pride in all of your accomplishments, St. Louis. I don’t know what number title this is, but, I’m sure Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa knows. And hey, I’m sure he’s popping the bubbly personally after a Championship like this.

Congrats again, St. Louis…

2006’s most dangerous city. Yes, St. Louis, you managed to wrest that title out of the cold, near-dead, hands of Camden, New Jersey. While the folks of Camden are likely dissapointed to not three-peat with this honor, you really need to hand it to St. Louis. Take nothing away from them on this one. Violent crime up 20%? That’s getting it done.

And the hell with the Cardinals, too, because there’s a damn good chance they’re getting the business end of a shotgun at some point in the next year. Again, congrats St. Louis, this is your day. Your week, even. Celebrate!