Monthly Archives: May 2007

In between those pesky law school finals and some intense school board campaigning, I have decided to duck in for a quick bold prediction.

After all, I am hot as can be after predicting the Warriors to win before the series even started (albiet on another site instead of on Joboo) Although it must be noted I called them winning in 7, and they actually did it in 6, so even the Champ underestimated those Warriors.

Got Pistons and Wings playoff games today, a Nascar Night race, some De La Hoya v. Mayweather bout that is getting hyped up way too much, and of course a horse race.

I’ll take the home teams (Wings and Pistons), Jimmie Johnson, De La Hoya, and last, but certainly not least………….

HARD SPUN (16 to 1 as of Joboo press time)

That is all, I’m out.