Cris Carter’s lame ass columns

How come someone didn’t happen to put me on the information that Cris Carter was writing columns for Yahoo? Is he living with Mr. Yahoo? I know we give The Champ a column each week to make bold predictions, but that’s just so he doesn’t kill me in my sleep (or steal my laptop and start typing). Does Yahoo really need name value that much that they haven’t pulled the plug on Carter’s columns yet?

Should I really ask that question when ESPN has Sean Salisbury and Mike Golic? Former NFL player goes way too far on a resume with these media entities that cover football. I’ve only read three of these Cris Carter columns and already I’m wishing he took Troy Vincent’s yearly NFL Player’s Association seminars about how the players can invest their money wisely. Carter can’t find a car dealership to run? Maybe invest in some hot properties?

Carter’s words are bolded. Go to Yahoo and then sports to find his columns. If you can’t find his columns without a direct link, leave the internet.

If it is all he does, then it’s unfortunate (for us) that Carter can’t catch touchdowns while writing on the Internet…

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