Cecil Collins jail

Most Men would do anything to get OUT of Prison…BUT…Maurice Clarett would do anything he could to get IN…


Break In…Break Out…Save Your Brother’s Life.


Those are the words with which I carry my life. My name is Maurice Clarett. You may know me from scoring touchdowns on fools in the Fiesta, taking more cash than Reggie Bush and getting a one year suspension, running a 5.2 40 yard dash, robbing someone of their cell phone with a gun in my waist (Am I a joke? No), rolling through the streets of Ohio wearin’ my vest, strapped with the AK and my bottle. That’s where you know me. Now, now find out why I am doing what I can do, when I can. My life is not just about Maurice Clarett…or football…my life is about a higher calling. Today, by being sentenced to three and a half years I begin to take steps to free an innocent man. A man persecuted by those who live to persecute and sully the good names of my brothers. Today, I enter a Prison, to break my man out…to break out…my brother in arms…Cecil Collins.

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I’m not so sure why Skip Bayless saying something dumb/lame in order to prompt a post would be a shocking thing, but I’m just laying the foundation. Skip was on his show with Woody Paige. Shocking that a show on ESPN would make lameass comments, but Skip decided that now, with the arrest of South Carolina QB Blake Mitchell and a punter stabbin’ a fool, that college coaches should ban their players from going to bars.

The hell with that.

Now, this isn’t a “HOORAY…BEER” type of post. Just the fact that someone boozes alone does not make that person COOL or BADASS. Anyone CAN go to a bar and get drunk off their ass. If you want that, read Champ’s bold predictions because for some reason he is talking about the East Lansing bar specials for tonight, as if anyone gives a damn.

So, no, this post is not coming from the angle that college football players should go to the bar because drinking is badass. It’s coming from the angle that part of being a college student is learning responsibility, even if it is something as small as picking what night to go to a bar and what night to walk away from a jackass telling you not to bring underage girls into the bar.

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Sometimes folks come to this blog via search engines. Sometimes they come in expecting one thing and getting something completely different.

Cecil not lettin' the man get him downBy the way, we have no clue what the dozen or so people per day come in looking for when they find this blog with a search term of “huge ass”. But, hey, welcome.

In this thread, I’ll try to help some of this visitors out.

One user came in with the search term of…

“how long is cecil collins in jail?”

Very good question. I don’t have the exact answer, but can say that whenever he does get out, he’s going to violate parole within six months and land his ass right back in there.

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I need TEXT of some Chris Sheridan articles about USA Hoops. We’re getting some traffic in for searches like “Chris Sheridan is an ass”, “Chris Sheridan USA Hoops” and the bottomline is that Sheridan’s bashing of Team USA is a joke and starting to catch on. Constant pessimism about a team doing what they have to and what they expected to do is a bit silly and people are starting to notice. We need to mock Sheridan more, damnit.

But, there is no way I’m paying for that lousy ESPN Insider service to do so. So, if you’ve got some Sheridan texts and want to see them mocked, send ’em our way. I think we’ve got an e-mail address around here to click on, if not…

While I’m on the topic of search engine hits coming in to this blog…we’ve got one for “cecil collins jail” which basically IS a milestone. Has to be.